Felix Ettien, express Orriols

Felix Ettien, express Orriols
Felix Ettien, an entire legend Levante. PHOTO: As

Félix Ettien is the player who has worn the Levante shirt the longest. Granota fans, the most and least, they will have a place at least in his memory for what has been one of the most peculiar players to have worn the granota shield.

Born in Ivory Coast 1979, Levante came in a very peculiar way, Like the same. Granota came to the club Mundial Sub 20 juvenile 1997, where the club was a promising young Ivorian. Was not Felix Ettien, if not Idrissa Keita whose stay in the Levant would be in a few games and an embarrassing season at the collective level of the entire workforce. After, Keita went to Oviedo where he made career in First Division.

In this World Youth, He got their attention a young and stocky striker (because upon arrival at Levante she was front), I had not yet reached eighteen. We can say that his career as a striker Levante was pretty bad and as his partner Keita, He had a pretty poor season. Personally, It cost much acclimatize to their new life in Valencia. The team descended to Second B that season.

With the arrival of Pepe Balaguer, Ettien he would find his place in the Levant. Valencia coach, It changed the location of the Ivory Coast on the field. One day I had low, carrilero placed him on the right and the player could exploit one of its best conditions, the power. Over the years, He advanced his position to the right end.

Felix Ettien, the player with the most seasons in the history of Levante

Ettien, granota remained at the club since 1997 until 2008, year in which he left the club granota after another disastrous season, as the arrival. He left the club involved in an ERE, like almost all Spanish and we can then say that virtually his career. Then he tried unsuccessfully for several countries and He played a time in Alzira with which it descended to Third and little else. In an unusual case, He spent his entire career in the same team.

During his eleven seasons at the club Orriols, left many anecdotes and moments to remember, as when it was published that He is performing abdominal thousand daily. In the first game of the season 2000/01, Second Division, Atletico Madrid, freshly fallen and after a campaign that spoke of a year in hell, visitaba Orriols.

Levante thrashed the colchoneros four to one, Atletico giving the welcome to hell. The best of the game was Felix Ettien. After the meeting, the same Atletico Madrid and Racing Santander, they wanted to sign the Ivorian. They talked about the hoary billion pesetas, but the player, He never got to leave the Levante.

He hated by some and loved by others, every race his, up to tier Valencia City. Player with a huge physical power and speed, He was undoubtedly his biggest problem in the lack of technical quality, something that over the years improved slightly. Collector of sports cars and known in all the clubs of Valencia, Felix Ettien He never left anyone indifferent.

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