Zaragoza of the magnificent

El Zaragoza de los magníficos

Last update 20 April, 2015 by Alberto Llopis

In Colgados for football, today we, Back to travel to the past to commemorate a glorious era of a team that despite the problems you are experiencing recent years, It is one of the historic Spanish football. We talk about the Real Zaragoza and period of history to which we travel is to the early 60, when the computer is formed of the magnificent. When a spectacular front, sheltered by a great team, They managed to win titles at national and international level, also coming to multiple end.

Basing his name in the legendary film “The seven magnificents”, the front formed by ; Canary; Villa; Santos ; Marcelino and Lapetra, It was dubbed the “Magnificent”. This team, he managed to play four finals of the Cup Generalissimo (1963,1964,1965 y 1966) winning two of them. The first that this wonderful team won was to 1964, after winning in the old Chamartin to Atletico Madrid by two goals to one.

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The magnificent, epic one front for a team of legend.

Villa scored and Lapetra, two of the components of the front of the “Magnificent”. Marcelino, another component highlights of this devastating front, Euro champion was proclaimed 1964, Fifteen later and on the same stage days, after beating Russia, scoring the goal that gave the title to Spain.

The second end of the four played “The magnificent”, it was in 1966, where maños beat Athletic Bilbao by two to zero, marking the same players who gave the Cup two years earlier and on the same stage. Villa and Lapetra, They were charged again to repeat title for manic.

In 1964, Also this team was going to make history winning the Fairs Cup (UEFA Cup before and now Europa League), entering the history of the European champions. With so many of Villa, the man who never failed in the finals and Marcelino, “The magnificent” they would win by two to one in Valencia, in a completely Spanish final at the Nou Camp.

His time spent and Zaragoza continued its history, great moments alternating with very bad times, winning titles and descents, but history will always remain great for the legend.

Alberto Llopis

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