Real Zaragoza, caught in a historic second in the 2nd decade of the century

Real Zaragoza, caught in a historic second in the 2nd decade of the century
Real Zaragoza has not raised its head since its last relegation in 2013. PHOTO: Vavel,with

Real Zaragoza is one of the historic Spanish football. Few can boast of his achievements and history. With 59 seasons in 1Division, Real Zaragoza have in their windows 6 Copas del Rey, 1 And Supercopa of Spain 1 Recopa, of 1995 with that mythical goal Najim. However, despite having won two Copa del Rey in this century (2001 Y 2004), It seems that this part of the XXI is not the most favorable for Real Zaragoza.

And is that while during the twentieth century maño team was one of the cockerels of the highest category, in the new millennium things it has not gone so well. In 2002 They descended to Second, they went in 2003 to back down in 2008. He went on 2009 and again he gave his bones after several seasons near the descent and saving a botched sport last minute planning 2013, the third decline century in just 13 years at that time. Something unthinkable in the last century, especially the last stage.

Real Zaragoza, a 20th century historical trapped in Segunda in the second decade of the 21st century

From there things it has gotten worse. And are 8 seasons followed in the well of the silver category for a club, whose debt carries smothering long. In 2015 he blew a 2 goals for being knocked out in the final against Las Palmas by the rise and 2016, I fell thrashed in the last game 6-2 Llagostera running down to a well outside the playoff for promotion.

In the seasons 2016-17 Y 2018-19 ended up at the bottom of the table while 2020, when it finally seemed that it was going to be the year of return, the Covid crisis cut the team's trajectory when he was second and with the return to competition in June after the damn confinement, came undone like a sugar, losing the ascent.

The 2020-21, with the Romareda empty like all the stadiums in Spain, the team fights not to fall into the next Second B Pro or 1st RFEF, which is how the old Second B will be called. Very hard clubs for amateurs not used to these things, at least the veterans. And because that's how bad, the youngest have lived more in the mediocrity of the last decade that the great times of Real Zaragoza. A historic Spanish football very badly managed.

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