The five “Great” Zaragoza: a quintet dream

The five “Great” Zaragoza: a quintet dream

Hanging by the Football He could not overlook one of the great teams of the year 60: which formed five “Great” Zaragoza. A group of players that mid 60 Balompédica shocked the world to reach final four consecutive Copa del Rey -63, 64, 65, 66, winning two of them- , two finals of the Fairs Cup (a title) and a semifinal of the Recopa in 1965.

The Famous Five were formed magnificent Canary, Santos, Marcelino, Villa and Lapetra. The first represented the temperament. Not without speed, no doubt his strong character protruded from the rest. Santos was teamwork, the sacrifice in pursuit of collective benefit, Villa, quality and Dodge, improvisation and technique. Lapetra visionary, the midfielder who made all. long Passing, short game, arrival orientation changes were part of the repertoire of Lapetra. Marcelino was, definitely, the star man. Author of the goal that won the first European Championship history to Spain, their mere presence within a field was synonymous with spectacle.

The five composed one of the most formidable front in the history of Spanish football, partly because of the great economy of maño club that had managed to sell a few years before the field “the Torrero” to move to the Romareda, which it had been a strong economic boost for the Aragonese box.

It was as well as 1963, with all of them and the staff managed to reach his first final of Copa, falling against Barcelona de Pereda or by Kocsis 3-1, after defeating Real Madrid in the semifinals. A good prelude to what would happen after just one season when the team achieved a historic double Fairs Cup, Copa del Rey, respectively imposed Valencia and Atletico Madrid.

Rapid, agile and creative, how they stand on the pitch and his ambition to win things could overcome any obstacle, as it is seen in 1965 when the team reached the final again Generalissimo Cup and reached the semifinals of the Recopa, West Ham apearía where you sleep to lift one second continental title.

A success to be followed by another, the season 65-66, when the Aragonese would return to play Cup glory, this time at the expense of Athletic Bilbao. Title to that point was to add a new Fairs Cup that season, but where it would prevent Barcelona.

Canario progress to Mallorca would the beginning of the decline of the great players pineapple, which would cause a gap to fill which lasted for many years. yes, You will never forget this group “Great” disseminated attacking football and offensive, who likes the viewer. It is therefore, since Colgados for football, Go here our warmest tribute.

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