The best players in Italian history

The best players in Italian history
The Roma captain is a legend for his followers. .An idol inside and outside the lawn. Nothing more and nothing less than 24 T seasons with Roma. He debuted in 1993 and he retired from crowds 2017. PHOTO:

Who are the Best Italian Soccer Players in History? Italy, always Italy. are best play Never, If instead those who always have problems. The razor's edge, the brink of defeat, but for one reason or another they are not of those who fall easily. Four times world champion, two in Europe and Olympic Gold 1936, Italian football can boast of being one of the most successful in history.

Thus, and as a tribute, Today we review Colgados for football the top ten players in the history of football transalpine. Notice to mariners: They are not all. It would be impossible. Simply, a recollection of which we believe are the greatest.

The best players in Italian history

Giuseppe Meazza: Two world in which was the team's star, the soul of the Inter where he played 14 seasons and scored 247 parties in 372 encounters that helped him win three Serie A titles for. A magician who started playing front but midfielder finished because of his huge class for treating the ball. passing, goleaba, dribabla and defended. An icon which will always be the memory of his penalty goal with one hand holding her panties.

Silvio Piola: top scorer in the history of Serie A. One parent of Chile and the third highest scorer in the Azzurra, with which he won the World 38, scoring two goals in the final against Hungary. Everything that came her what finished off. Everything was finished off goal. something, was Silviogol.

Gigi Riva: A Gigi Riva right foot does not serve more than to get on the tram. Who said this phrase was Manlio Scopigno, Cagliari coach, the team that Riva was 14 years between the early 60 Y 70. Servia will define como para "The Rumble Of Thunder. A physical marvel with a potent left-handed punching networks like cartoons were. A beast in the best sense of the word.

Gianni Rivera: one of the biggest. Italian first Golden Ball to win in history 1969, Just a year after winning the European Championship 1968 and a year before reaching the final of Mexico 70, where he left to remember the decisive goal 4-3 against Germany in the semifinals. The Bambino Gold was a symbol of Milan, where he played 19 seasons over 500 games behind. It was midfielder, but he had the gift of opportunity that separates the good from the best. Because make no mistake, Rivera was one of the best.

Paolo Maldini: years 80, the 90, the 2000. Yes, Maldini was eternal. His commitment to azurra was such came close to 20 years national service, but with unlucky not to win the World Cup 2006. Even if something did great was his AC Milan. With the, won 7 Scudetto, one Italian Cup five Italian Super Cups nationwide and five European Cups, five European Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and World Club internationally. I knew defend and take as few as perhaps the only ball Beckenbauer knew done before. A myth. One of the One Club Man.

Dino Zoff: 112 international matches. The oldest champion of the world to be in the Spain 82 with 40 years. High Security, reliable one on one, just he had weaknesses, something that led him to be the best goalkeeper in the world for a long time. Although it was Juventus which gave him glory: 903 minutes unbeaten in the first of his eleven years left a gap that was slow to fill.

Roberto Baggio: The Divine. In a country where treat the ball well and neglecting the defensive Merecedes is not well seen, Baggio brought little ingenuity, talent and art. Something, or much, because no one in the Italian playmaker as much as he has shone in recent years. Some had more goal but classier. Everything he did Roberto Baggio sense. Globetrotter football, It was with Juve with which won its only Scudetto, team that also won in 1993 FIFA World Player and the Ballon d'Or. One of the best Italian players ever.

Franco Baresi: The myth of 5. advanced, The bookcase, what you want. I knew get the ball, send colleagues and exercise leadership, Perhaps his greatest of all his virtues. tactically perfect, if Milan was what it was because Sacchi and to the same extent Franco Baresi. 6 time champion of Serie A, 4 sometimes the Italian Super Cup, 3 time champion of the Champions League, 3 times European Super Cup and 2 Sometimes the Intercontinental Cup for a total of 18 Titles. The grand finale, conquered the World 1982. an emblem.

Francesco Totti: 785 official meetings with Roma and 307 goals. Captain, I had it all. Speed, power, a very dry and powerful shot and barbaric arrival. World Champion 2006, his fight with gain 10 the selection was hard, but eventually the scot was. A symbol 24 year career always in the same club. Another players who always played at the same club.

Gianluigi Buffon: Perhaps it would be an insult to Italian football culture not to include in this list the best goalkeeper of the 25 not only from Italy, but the world. The flagship of the Juventus and Italy, with whom he played 5 global and 4 Euriocopas. Without fanfare, It is safe, sober and effective. A wall and one of the Italian footballers caps, as Cannavaro. Active past the 40.

Buffon is one of the best Italian footballers in history. PHOTO:

Paolo Rossi: Spain's World Cup scorer 1982. He arrived when no one expected him and became the hero of that Italian team that against the odds, world champion was proclaimed.

Other of the best players in the history of Italy

best players in the history of Italy
Cannavaro was world champion in 2006 and Ballon d'Or. PHOTO:
best players in the history of Italy
Del Piero, a soccer talent with more than 20 year career. PHOTO:

best in the history of Italy

Andrea Pirlo, magic and talent made in Italy. PHOTO:


Headache Zola, Mauro Tassoti, Chritian Vieri, Gianluca Vialli, Gennaro Gattuso, Francesco Toldo, Sandro Mazzola, Luis Monti, José Altafini, Giampiero Boniperti, Alessandro Nesta, Joseph Bergomio…

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