Roberto Baggio, Always among the best

Roberto Baggio, siempre entre los mejores
Roberto Baggio is one of the best Italian players in history. PHOTO: Google

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Roberto Baggio is one of the best European players ever and one of the best Italians who ever walked the green of a pitch. The Italian was always among the best. With his class and technical, I was able to do things on the field that many just would dream.

Born in Vicenza, Italia, he 18 February 1967, in 1982, begin to take their first steps to becoming the star that was. He remained until 1985, year in which it happened to the ranks of the Florentina. “Roby” as they called their fans, It is considered one of the greatest that ever has that shirt dress. He militated up 1990, year in which was transferred to the Juventus. This transfer problems originated in the streets of Florence by the commotion which led the march of Baggio of Florentina. Shortly after, the player said his heart would always be to the club.

Ballon d'Or in 1994

In the ” Old lady“, Baggio garnered his greatest successes as a footballer. Exhibiting a high level football, according to his talent, accumulated evenings and nights of absolute bliss to enjoy the hobby of Juve who idolized. He remained from 1990 a 1995. In 1994, I won the golden ball and the Fifa World Player. The Golden Ball award he shared with Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov.

Roberto Baggio posa orgulloso con su Balón de Oro
Roberto Baggio poses proudly with his Ballon d'Or. PHOTO: Brand

In 1995 He marched to Milan where he spent only two seasons. Then he left to Bologna where he played one season and joined Inter de Milan where he spent two seasons, but did not succeed. There he held a bitter controversy with Marcelo Lippi, what away from the title.

In it 2000 he moved to Brescia where he lived a second youth surpassing even serious injury. He remained until 2004 coinciding with Guardiola in the team and being an idol in the modest Italian club. its dorsal, the number 10 It was retired by the club when Baggio left the practice of soccer.

A symbol in the Azzurri

For Italy also a landmark. With the 10 to the back of the zamarra ” Azzurri”, Baggio played in 3 World Cups ( Italia 90, USA 94 and France 98) scoring 9 goals. He did not win any World but third place in Italy 90 and the second in USA 94, where he tasted the bitterest part of football failing the decisive penalty that facilitated the title to Brazil. Unforgettable, this image of Italian star lamenting his failure against the Brazilian euphoria. Nevertheless, Roberto remained an idol. Total for Italy, juice 56 and scoring 27 many.

Considered a player 9,5 because it was neither a born striker or a midfielder, Roberto Baggio showed why soccer is a sport that can be so beautiful. With an imaginative touch game, with speed and long shot, Baggio pocketed fans of this sport were of nationality were.

He played in his career total 693 matches and scored 314 goals. Interestingly won more individual titles with their clubs and selection, but Roberto Baggio is considered one of the 50 best players of the twentieth century and in Hanged for football We are totally agreed.

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