Spain beat Yugoslavia Arbitration aid in World 1982

Spain beat Yugoslavia Arbitration aid in World 1982

Spain World Cup 1982 It was one of the best ever. The appointment held in Spanish territory, He made history by many circumstances in the sporting arena but also in the social sphere in a country, It is beginning to navigate a fledgling democracy after a long dictatorship and a transition, with attempted coup included, very complicated. The Spanish team did not make a good World 82 despite being the host.

The truth, It is that the game of the Spanish left much to be desired. They played the first round in Valencia and the poor results achieved in the first phase with a defeat Northern Ireland, a draw against Honduras and a victory against Yugoslavia, they were going to take a second to move to the second phase where the team were eliminated after losing against West Germany and a goalless draw with England.

Spain failed to beat Honduras in the World 1982.

Precisely, the only victory of the Spanish team want to talk about in this article. And the lone victory of the team in his own world was accompanied by controversy and some arbitral aid. The truth is that Spain did not measure up in his own world and win one game and thus, He ratified the lack of planning for a combined talent and claw aunaba equally but that did not quite work. In fact it was not until 2008 to see a Spanish soul winning selection, thanks largely to the late Luis Aragones.

But back to 1982, in this game of the first group stage disputed in Mestalla, selecting scored the first goal of the win 2-1 thanks to the invaluable collaboration of referee. First punished with a penalty a clear lack outside the area. And not content with that, repeat the mistake of sending López Ufarte on the first pitch. Finally, Juanito mark.

Like we have already said, Spain got the win thanks to the pass but we can say that his presence in the second phase fua almost testimonial and another failure and the end of a generation that would lead consummated another, the fifth Vulture as the main reference, and that he would cherish the sweetness of success both at Euro 84 and the World of Mexico 86. But that, It is another story that we will have another day.

The Spain Vulture
Vulture generation stood at the gates to get something big.
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