Maracana, pure football history

Maracana is probably the most famous stadium in the world. Created in 1950 to host the finals of the World Championship that year, hosts the named after a bird named so used to fly over the neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro where the stadium is located. From 1964, It is also known as Mario Filho, creator Brazilian newspaper Jornal journalist Two Sports.

The living history of the enclosure and comes from its first year, because it was played the famous Maracana, la final del Mundial del 50, where the Uruguayans defeated against the hosts forecast 2-1. In that match, more of 200.000 people watched game for desolation of Brazilian fans. In fact, as a result of the heavenly victory, The stadium was painted blue in honor of the champion, thwarting the plans of Brazilian executives paint it white (remember that even the World 54 Brazil, dressed in white).

For a long time, Maracana was considered the world's largest stadium, because it was home to 210.000 fans at the match between Brazil and Paraguay valid for the championship 70. in clubs, He came to give shelter to 194.603 el derby Flemish viewers during Fluminense Rio de la alloy. Today the capacity is in 88.000 personas.

He has played in important world figures, highlighting especially Skin, who succeeded in this legendary stadium on goal 1000 his long career football. Besides, They have organized many concerts that have received the best singers and bands of the moment, Madonna como, los Rolling Stone o Frank Sinatra.

Maracana has been renovated completely, changing their status in a more modern and contemporary. It will host other than the final of the Confederations Cup, the World Cup finals 2014, as well as the Olympic final Olympics 2016. A curiosity, if you visit: Look no phone booth behind a goal because they have removed. a shame.

Julio Muñoz

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