The Estadio da Luz in Lisbon was one of the largest

The Estadio da Luz in Lisbon was one of the largest
The old Da Luz stadium in Lisbon was one of the great temples of European football. PHOTO:

Hanging by the Football directs his gaze to one of the most important stadiums in the world: the Luz Stadium from Lisbon . Host of Benfica and the Portuguese football team, This exhibition is one of the most traditional temples in Europe. In fact, until its demolition in 2003, It was considered the largest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of more than 120.000 personas.

The Stadium of Light, a temple of European football

The Da Luz stadium It receives its name from the parish in the same neighborhood where it is located in the capital of Lisbon.. Its opening comes from 1 from December to 1954 (Lusa day national holiday) in a duel against Porto. The original capacity was 40.000 plazas, although several reforms later came to be put 135.000 spectators in another match against Porto 1987, or more of 127.000 in the final of the youth world cup 1991, He is facing the teams of Brazil and Portugal.

It was the headquarters of the final of the European Cup 1967, they played Celtic and Inter, and which ended with the victory of 'The Lisbon Lions'’ How did we end up meeting that Scottish team? Jimmy Johnstone and company.

El Da Luz, It was the place where Eusebio became known to the world with the Benfica shirt. A temple that one of the best Portuguese players in history could enjoy.

One of the special features of this gigantic stadium is the flight Victoria eagle, Lisbon authentic emblem equipment. This eagle is flying out the dispute before each match at, and according to legend, when it is given twice around the enclosure, the home team wins, whereas if it's just a, Victory falls visitor side.

Demolition and construction of the new Da Luz stadium for the Euro 2004

In 2003, was demolished and replaced by the new Stadium of Light on the occasion of the Euro Cup 2004 finals in Portugal. The inaugural match was a friendly played Benfica and Nacional with Portuguese victory 2-1. Nuno Gomes was in charge of the brand new bookmark.

Estadio Da Luz Lisboa
The new Da Luz was built next to the old one that was demolished in 2003. PHOTO: capture Youtube

At Euro, he Luz Stadium hosted the grand final between Greeks and Portuguese, which he ended with the surprising victory helena. It is new stadium of light has a capacity of 65.647 seats and is listed as 5 stars by UEFA and it is of course, one of the new great stadiums in Europe.

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