The best quotes from Jose Mourinho

The best quotes from Jose Mourinho
The best quotes from Jose Mourinho. Come and see. PHOTO: the Republic

Which are the best phrases of José Mourinho? The truth is that answering this question is the least complicated since Portuguese is undoubtedly, one of the most controversial coaches in history. Arrogant and cocky for some, almost demigod for other, the truth is that Mou does not leave anyone indifferent never in any of the computers that happens.

Collector of many anecdotes and verbal piques, the character of the Portuguese has left a multitude of ‘pearls’ and friction during several decades of career since he appeared in Barcelona in 1996 with Sir Bobby Robson. Here we review some of them.

The best quotes from Jose Mourinho

“If I had wanted an easy job, I had stayed in Porto, with a comfortable blue chair, Trophy of the Champions League, God, and after God, I! For me, pressure is a chicken fever. Will I have more afraid of that than the pressure in football”.

“Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is what has the world's poor people trying to bring food to their families. Working from dawn to dusk just to feed their children. In football there is no pressure”.

“I will work more, but I can not do miracles I am neither Merlin nor Harry Potter”.

“I'm ready. The more pressure there, I'm stronger. In Portugal, it is said that a bigger boat, stronger storm. Fortunately for me, I've always been big boats. FC Porto was a very big boat in Portugal, Chelsea was also a big ship in England and Inter was a great boat in Italy. Now I'm at Real Madrid, which is considered the largest ship in the world. “

the best phrases of Jose Mourinho
José Mourinho has been leaving ‘pearls for years’ PHOTO: The country

“I like to think as I think, I like people who are exactly like me think. We are strong, we have the qualities, we are the best, no one can beat us. It is my philosophy”.

“Thank you, I like to coach titles” (After winning the final of the Copa del Rey to Barcelona responding Johan Cruyff's statements by saying that Mourinho was more a coach to develop titles that beautiful football).

“Chelsea looked forward and I also. I keep winning important things and they… something. They won the FA Cup”.

“That was not a marker of a football match, It was a marker of a hockey game. in practice regularly play matches of three against three and when the score ends 5-4 sending players back to the dressing rooms because they are not adequately defending” (said a Tottenham-Arsenal who had finished 5-4).

“Juventus and Milan were very happy the minute 88, They were also happy to 93′, but at 95′ maybe some television has flown out the window” (After coming from behind to Siena in the last minutes).

“If Juve does worry me? Look at the circles that I have, I do not sleep at night”.

“Pavel Nedved, Paul Scholes, Luis Figo, They are all retired from international football. With the Czechs, England and Portugal all is well, But France? They have no freedom. Is incredible. Makelele is not a footballer, It is a slave. He has no human rights, no freedom of choice or freedom, then it is a slave. But the rules are there, And what can we do?”.

“The difference between Pellegrini and I, is that if I leave the Madrid, I will not go to Malaga”.

“I'd rather lose once 5-0 not five times 1-0”.

“My history as coach can not be compared with Frank Rijkaard. He has not won any trophies and I have many”.

“I studied Italian five hours a day for several months to ensure I could communicate with players, the press and fans. Ranieri has been five years in England and still struggle to say good morning or good afternoon. He has won a Super Cup, less competition. He has never won a major competition. Maybe you need to change your mindset, but it is too old to do”
“You see my eyes? Sleepless take weeks…”

“Other teams have players who have cost a lot of money and not make it a goal to anyone and do not talk much about them”

“I want to congratulate them because they have won, but we were the better team. We did not lose the game. After 90 minutes we were tied after two hours and also. We lost on penalties”. Mourinho after losing to Charlton in the Carling Cup in October 2005.

“I saw their players and coach give a lap of honor after losing to us in their last home game. In Portugal, if you do that you throw bottles”. (About Manchester United).

"If me make me the same thing last year in Alcorcón, I put them cross and me are dead”.

“I speak to the press because I am forced. I am here because I am told that I must do. And so at the end of games. Spalletti does in prime time. Every time I get to the locker room on game day, click, Spalletti appears talking. Before the match, on the break, After the match. Talk to one, talk to the other…”

“Teams playing in Europe must be protected. Why do not we play every Saturday? Elsewhere so, It is played on the same day. We, Portuguese and Italian, instead, We are always negative”. He finished saying “Luckily I'm Russian”.

“Van Gaal is concerned about the referee, I am concerned about the Icelandic volcano. I would not have to go before Friday to Madrid, but nevertheless, we have to go tomorrow. That's my only concern. The referee I do not care " (Before the final of the Champions 2010).

the best phrases of Jose Mourinho
Mou, a different type. PHOTO: Mediotiempo

“For more than a month ago, the medical department gave Real Madrid Higuain had surgery insurance, without any doubt. Then came some enlightened that slid the possibility of recovery without surgery. Now, one month after, if you change your mind and Higuain is ready to be operated. And we with the child on hands. It is a pity, because it is a fantastic player and I'm sorry for him. I'm glad to have a serious medical department like ours”.

“I do not want a player that is a perfect man, that is a perfect professional, you have a fantastic character, That's the kind of man I want for my daughter”.

“Please, I do not call me arrogant just because I tell the truth. I'm European champion and I think I'm special”.

"I am thankful to God for not having modesty because it is a quality that does nothing".

“I live and work in a world where you can not say what you think, You can never tell the truth. Not be hypocritical, not be diplomatic, not be ball. That's my biggest flaw. The worst thing is that if you compare yourself with people who are, You always lose in comparison ".

“God must think I'm a nice guy. I have to think, if not, I not give me much”.

“About Me many more lies than truths are counted, but it's part of the game, of the life. Life walk in this direction. Unlike other leagues in which I trained, in this I feel more like a campaign…The other day a friend of mine who has no idea of ​​football, which it is out of this, prided himself told me he saw the campaign that organized against me. It is an unequal struggle, and his sentence was that with all throwing stones against me could make a monument”.

“Wenger, Ferguson and Benitez will never be as special as I”.

“I have been asked if I have seen the match of Juve, and I said that I've seen the goal of Amauri and then we stopped seeing, as I had calamari for dinner”.

“Jesus Christ was not sympathetic to all, so imagine I”.

best phrases of Jose Mourinho
Mou has made many friends throughout his career. PHOTOMONTAGE: FUTBOLRED

“Barcelona has the obsession of reaching the final for his antimadridismo”. (Before the end of 2010 at the Santiago Bernabeu).

"The first Scudetto was won in offices, the second without adversaries and third in the last minute”.

“I saw the Barcelona players angry with referee, but his memory is very short”.

“If I say what I think of my career ends today UEFA ".

“Barcelona should win for his footballing power and do not”.

“Barcelona may have 20 superjugadores but plays with 11 and often versus 10”.

“Barcelona is a cultural city, with major theaters and this boy (Leo Messi) He has learned well. He has learned comedy”.

“Barcelona is a great club, but in 200 years of history have only won one European Cup. I coach only from a few years ago and won the same European Cups they”.

“They are in the final, and from my heart I hope the win. The night belongs to them and not seek to criticize.” (Falling eliminated against Liverpool in 2005).

“Maybe it's the UNICEF publicity, but I would be ashamed to win the Champions League as they have won them (Barcelona)”.

“If I say what I think of my career ends today UEFA ".

“Obrevo, Starck, from Beclerre, Why ? why? I wonder why?”.

“It seems that prohibited pitarle penalties to Manchester United”.

“What complaints? They are not complaints, truths are. You're a hypocrite?”.

“If the referees are under pressure, we, technicians, we should help. Sometimes the pressure comes from behaviors that have coaches in the game. We do not contribute, and I also include myself, to reassure the referee”.

“Ancelotti is a great coach and also plays with words and emotions. But what is thought, others are dumb when he speaks well? When not say that the first leg derby vs -Inter. Milan for the first round of the Serie A- he won with an offside Kaka demonstrated. Seedorf goal that does to Cagliari in the match that Milan wins 1 a 0 It was to cancel, because it was clear offside ".

“Cristiano Ronaldo will never reach the level that seeks to achieve unless you accept the facts. A player who wants to be the best in the world, and perhaps it is already, You should be mature enough to realize that against these facts there are no arguments. This is not even a game of words between him and me”.

“It is a game where a child made some statements without showing maturity and respect, Maybe it has to do with a difficult childhood, without proper education, perhaps a consequence of that, so I thought I had to give an answer, after Sir Alex thought he had to defend his boy. But these things happen… I have no problem with either Ferguson or his boy”. (About Ronaldo).

"Figo can already come to Barcelona quiet, because now the public enemy number one is me”.

“Luis Fernandez has made this shock a war of dogs. I only talk about men, not of unruly children”.

“¿Pito Vilanova? I do not know who that gentleman ".

“You speak of Pedro Leon and seems to ask me for Zidane or Maradona. He is an excellent player, But two days ago I played in Getafe. It has not been called a game and it seems that we are talking about Maradona, Zidane and Di Stefano”.

“Maybe when you 60 years, I carried 20 training in the same league and have respect for everyone, I will have the need to talk to people and make it to shake a little” (on Ferguson).

“We all have to learn from smart people. What he said Dani Alves would not say better Einstein. It was a Portuguese who discovered their country, but it certainly was not a Portuguese football who invented. He has every reason, I have not invented football ".

“No Iniesta can give the Ballon d'Or because, although he scored the most important goal of the year in the World Cup final, the rest of the season he was injured. Sneijder deserves, who has won everything and has always been decisive, and behind him, Xavi”.

“We only have the Inter Channel with 45 thousand subscribers. While, Milan has three television channels and a newspaper. Juventus also has its own newspaper, Tuttosport. You can talk about intellectual manipulation if the comments of the media are compared in controversial plays”.

“What I like is to see the players and Juventus fans celebrate in their own stadium a draw against us, even when they are 10 points leader ".

“Three years without winning any Premier? I do not think I still had work” (About Rafa Benitez).

“If I want to settle the conflict at this point for my perfect. Ranieri spoke once and was happy, Then I speak for the second time and was happy, then a third time and he was still happy. I have spoken once and has been annoyed. If I want to settle the conflict at this point for my perfect. Three to one for him, but my goal has been precious”.

“For me, Diego Lopez as a goalkeeper I like Casillas. It is simple. I like a goalkeeper who plays well with his feet, that works out to centers, which dominates the air and it is a phenomenon between the sticks. I like this keeper, as long as Real Madrid coach, me going to play Diego López”.

“Pepe problem has a name and is talking about frustration Raphael Varane.Estamos, It is not easy for a man of 31 years, with status, with past, being run over by a child of 19”.

best phrases of Jose Mourinho
Mourinho leaving one of his pearls on his social networks. PHOTO: Instagram @josemourinho
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