Big derbies and classic football world

Los grandes derbis y clásicos del mundo del fútbol
Tigres vs Monterrey, the Royal Classic, one of the great derbies on the planet. Foto:

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What are the great derbies and classics in the world? Too often, over which one thinks, sometimes you beat a rival in the same area is more important than winning a title. It may sound silly, but neighborhood, enmity, vanity or simply hate, the truth is that many people can not live thinking that his rival has won them and have to endure the typical jokes and ridicule in the following days on shift derby.

En ocasiones, These rivalries are generated to reside in the same city, other times ideological differences, religious or even political. For all those who like to know what those rivalries.

The list with the great derbies and classics of the world of football

Boca Juniors- River Plate

One of the many derbies that the Argentine capital leaves. Argentina superclásico, uno de los 50 shows that a person should not be missed as once told The Observer. Xeneizes against millionaire. A party that divides much of Buenos Aires

Boca River incidentes en Libertadores Telam
The Boca-River Copa Libertadores 2015 He ended in serious incidents and the expulsion of Boca Libertadores. FOTO: brand Clear

Barcelona-Real Madrid

The European classic par excellence. The two teams with the biggest budgets in the world, possibly the two most famous sets of planet. Hundreds of millions of euros in transfers to get ahead of each other. Club match is the most watched in the world and the third largest event after several Olympic and World.

Celtic- Glasgow Rangers

Catholics the first, Protestants seconds. The Old Firm is the world's oldest derby and the best environment exists despite the many incidents that have occurred in their clashes. Until 1989, The Rangers did not sign any Catholic rivalry leading to the highest degree. If there were no little with religion, the political component also comes into play. Loyalties against unionism. They are night and day in the same city.

AC Milan-Inter Milan

He Derby della Madonnina. Their rivalry is preceded because at the time the AC Milan would not allow foreign players, so the Internazionale was created, which as its name suggests, yes he admitted. He Derby della Madonnina es una experiencia que ningún aficionado al fútbol debería perderse. Una dura rivalidad y una batalla deportiva que tiene lugar en el majestuoso estadio San Siro o Giuseppe Meazza. Según se mire ya que share stage pero cada uno le llama de una manera. This game, es siempre mucho más que un simple enfrentamiento deportivo. Es un duelo lleno de historia, pasión y momentos inolvidables.


One of the most classic derbies, mythical and passion of Spanish Liga but the most. A city divided footballing. Tension, emotion, quarrels, goals and occasional fight. It is the quintessential derby southern Spain. Losing means suffering the guasas other for weeks. Eso si, with lots of art.

grandes derbis y clásicos en el mundo
Betis and Seville, one of the most passionate derbies in Spain if not the most. FOTO: Brand

CSKA Moscow-Spartak Moscow

The Main Moscow derby is the name given match between Spartak and CSKA, the most important Russian football rivalry. The teams are two of the most successful football of the former Soviet Union and Russia. Represents the team CSKA Red Army, Spartak the village. En 1981, after a big defeat against Spartak 0-3 in the Luzhniki stadium, CSKA players were severely punished and sent to a military training camp for two weeks and were treated as soldiers. Things Iron Curtain.


The derby of the eternal enemies. Initially, Panathinaikos represented the upper class of society, the elite, while Olympiakos was the whole working class.

Tigers- Monterrey

He classic Regio. Tigres has experienced remarkable growth as a whole with the arrival of big stars making it one of the largest in Mexico. Monterrey has released a new modern stadium. What has not changed is the hatred between them and mania. Rayados against Incomparables. Compete for being the best fans in Mexico. The Peerless are especially known for the famous feline invasions diehard fans of Tigers.

grandes derbis y clásicos en el mundo
So Gignac celebrated his goal against Monterrey in one of the last Regios Classics. Foto: Global focus

Penarol- Nacional

It is the oldest derby in the world (1900) which is played outside the British Isles. It is difficult team has more followers in the Uruguayan capital. Exciting encounters in one of the stadiums over the planet Pavers: The centenary.

Liverpool-Manchester United

Rivers of ink have been written about the north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham, but this is something else. Separated by only 60 kms, There is an unwritten rule that says that this match is always played at noon as the great classic of England.


Another major Argentine classics, another big derbies in metropolitan Buenos Aires. proximity, Possibly the hottest derby of all, from a stadium you can see the other and is just a few meters separate the Independent Stadium Racing.

grandes derbis del mundo
From a stadium they see the other. The match between Racing and Independiente in Avellaneda derby is a full-fledged. Foto: drones.arg

Other great rivalries: The classic, a rivalry between Ajax and Feyenoord, eternal derby between Red Star and Partizan, Classic between PSG Olympique Marsella y, U de Chile Colo Colo, Deportivo Cali -American, Chivas-America, Chivas-Atlas, Fenerbahce-Galatasaray, Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid, Alliance-University, National-Millonarios Atético, Bolivar-The Strongest and of course a long etcetera for all leagues in the world that would not fit on the list.

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