Best heels of history

Los mejores taconazos de la historia
Di Stéfano left some of the best heels in history. PHOTO: Brand

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Which are the best heels of history? Make a taconazo: an unnecessary luxury, a resource. Sometimes an aesthetic component moves undoubtedly the player to do it. Other times, It is simply the only way to succeed in the play. But what is clear is that not all players are able to do because of the high technique required.

Best heels of history:

10- Roberto Mancini at Parma. He put the best goal in the history of Lazio according to his fans in a match against Parma, where I had the happy idea of ​​making a backheel which served to beat the rival goalkeeper, it was no ordinary, sino Gianluigi Buffon. Mancini was a oportunista, but sometimes, leaving details of immense quality.

9- Cruyff Atletico. It was named the impossible goal and gave it the nickname “The Flying Dutchman”. There are doubts about whether it was with the heel or spur, but just simply watch it fly through the air and as Acrobatic top off that way and worth to be included in this list. He “skinny” was Genio. to sample, it is empty.

8- Di Stefano at Valladolid. Of Stefano He had the ability to score goals of all colors because of its great technical. Against Valladolid and against his friend Matito got somewhat that led him to the altars. Was big, very big, Don Alfredo on a football field. Rather, unique in its time.

7- Matuzalem to Sevilla. It was one of the always great matches of UEFA Cup. At that same meeting, Palop scored a goal in stoppage time. Before, Brazilian Matuzalem had marked the Spanish goalkeeper a goal flag by an incredible scorpion still remembered.

6- Djalminha Real Madrid. Spectacular what this Brazilian left Deportivo La Coruna. Fractious, creativity and imagination, never seen, he invented a “lambreta” Flights to through a taconazo which he surprised the defense white, stunned by such a movement. A move by 10, for a player from another planet.

5- Di Stefano Atletico Madrid. Don Alfredo was one of those men who had the virtue of making things easy, difficult and impossible. In the campaign 60-61, left a monumental backheel diverting a pitch of Atienza still it remains in the memory of the oldest followers. It was one of the greatest heels of history.

Los mejores taconazos de la historia
Best heels of history: Di Stefano Atletico Madrid. PHOTO: Real Madrid

4- Redondo at Old Trafford. Argentine midfielder always stood out for its elegance to get the ball played. Good ball and a first touch short wonderful. But a European night, He decided to go a little further and make a masterful heel that served to dribble past an opponent in his own area and give it a goal to a colleague. Stage Old Trafford, el rival el Manchester United, Raul's goal. Memorable. Fernando Redondo left one of the best heels of history.

3- Ibrahimovic a Italia. Throughout list genialities the author of impossible goals should always appear. Zlatan Ibrahimovic marked against Italy one of the goals of his career, a tremendous backheel in the air that served to beat one of the best goalkeepers ever, Gianluigi Buffon. Spectacular Swedish.

2- Guti attending Zidane. Few players have the ability to envision a pass, or rather an attendance, such caliber which he gave Guti to Zidane. Ball two geniuses together for talent. The defenders were evident, the goalkeeper beaten, and rendered public. simply masterful.

1- Guti in Riazor: Only a man with eyes on the back of his neck could do with Guti's high heel in Riazor. In front of the goalkeeper, Real Madrid playmaker had the happy idea of ​​not throwing to door, as it would have been the logical, sino attend Benzema coming from behind. It was foolhardy because the French striker was noticeably worse willingness to annotate. But no matter, also succeed in life madmen, and Guti showed, that geniuses like him, they are crazy. In his left leg, He had more talent than in 21 men who were playing with him.

Other goals that should not be forgotten:

Luke, artwork with River.

An anthological goal, huge, a huge beauty. Did Leopoldo Luque for the River Plate 2 from December to 1979 playing against Hurricane. The world champion with Argentina in 1978 He faced the opposing goalie, he broke with autopase and stay back to goal solved the play with a taco, as they say in Argentina, pegadito the post “He was one of the most beautiful goals of my life. I got the inspiration, as it happens to painters or musicians. It is an art form playing football. They are things that happen in milliseconds.

Law, the taconazo not held
Scottish legend Denis Law's Manchester United, but one of the best goals of his career did the Red Devils and Manchester City T-Shirt. In the season 73-74 he scored a great goal against the team heel of his life. still he regrets. “There was no comfort for me when I scored that goal. I would never have wanted to do”, two years ago he pointed to the Scottish Sportsmail.

Henry, maximum difficulty
Henry resources in front of goal allowed no discussion. He 2 October 2004 made somewhat spectacular heel against Charlton. The central Jonathan Fortune harassed him to the point of touching the penalty. Almost losing his balance and the defense stitched back, Henry, he had received the ball Reyes, a heel who crossed the ball away from the surprised look pulled Kiely, portero de The Addicks.

Graphite, al Bayern
In 2009, The Brazilian made an incredible move against Bayern that culminated in a high heel that knocked down the Bavarian goalkeeper and eliminated three defenders.

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