El Piojo Lopez, one legend valencianista

El Piojo Lopez, one legend valencianista
Claudio Piojo Lopez made history in Mestalla. PHOTO: The Spanish

Javier Claudio Piojo Lopez It was a player who hardly forget the followers of the Valencia, nor Barca possibly not. The Catalans fans will remember the rapid Argentine striker because 15 games he played against them, he put them 12 goals, almost all the Contras, taking advantage of its speed. Tal, It was the trauma of Van Gaal with him that often chose to change the defensive system so as not to see the Louse Lopez wreaking havoc. And seldom succeeded.

El Piojo Lopez, entre los mejores de la historia del Valencia

Valencianistas for followers, Louse with the golden age of club began. Valencia had a few years of sailing on a deserted crossing. However, the arrival of this closed southpaw who had been crowned Olympic champion Atlanta 96 He changed the course team. And that was not easy arrival. Jugadores como Romario o “Burrito” Ortega They blocked the way to the starting line.

However, the output of both, with the arrival of Claudio Ranieri on the bench he led the Argentine enjoy opportunities, that of course, I was not going to waste. The Italian coach and his defensive game model, with long passes Mendieta, Lopez was going to explode all its top speed and its definition with his left foot to score a lot of goals thanks to the retreat and counterattack proposed by the Italian coach.

A) Yes, the louse would achieve the Copa del Rey 99, Super Cup the same year, and especially the Champions League final year 2000 where despite losing the R. Madrid, He managed to eliminate two memorable knockout Lazio and Barcelona consecutively.

Showcase that earned him his move 35 million euros for Lazio, fashionable club in Italy. In the Roman club would be up 2004, although not appear to be the notoriety he had shown in Spanish football.

From there, his career would take a turn to North America, first in the America of Mexico, club that was 3 years, and then return to Racing Avellaneda, his home club. Finally, the louse prove luck in the US MLS, first with the Kansas City Wizards and then with the Colorado Rapids, the team would win the American League and he retired in 2011.

El Piojo Lopez one of the best players in the history of Valencia
El Piojo Lopez is undoubtedly one of the best players in the history of Valencia CF. PHOTO: Brand

What was the louse Lopez?

He Piojo Lopez he got into the world of the automobile, participating among others in the Argentine National Rally Championship. And is that Lopez, always liked speed. After his flirtation with the world of the engine he returned to what he did best, football, dedicating himself to be different sporting director MLS teams. However, a dream that has never forgotten is to return to Valencia to work in the Mestalla club. And is that as the Argentine recognizes, he still gets goosebumps when Valencia fans still chant his name.

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