The goal of heel Johan Cruyff

The goal of heel Johan Cruyff
This impossible goal Johan Cruyff earned him the nickname "flying Dutchman".

They say it, which it is one of the greatest of all time, who once changed the concept of playing their sport. In a decade and a time fraught with great players he highlighted her figure. We talk like no, Johan Cruyff, he “Flying Dutchman”. said mote, he earned a pulse marking one of the best goals in history. Such as plastic action spectacular that left everyone amazed followers, action available to very few today.

El holandés, He gave all his followers a splendid a Christmas gift 23 from December to 1973. With tie 0 the score and Atletico Madrid as otherwise, the Dutch took a cross to the far post to acrobatically top of the top corner and beat the then goalkeeper Miguel Reina colchonero. The jump, the execution and the auction were so beautiful INVOICE, the play went to the gallery of great genius, a skinny, one of the best.

the auction, a paradigm of intuition, improvisation and agility of this small player marked an era and was tested by many others. However, It would be an athletic, Fernando Torres, which it would take note of what happened and repetería such an auction years later, in this case in the disputed match against Betis at the Benito Villamarin season 2003/04. Another real goal.

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