The players with the most curious names

Los futbolistas con los nombres más curiosos
karamoko Dembelé, the whiz kid with a peculiar name. PHOTO: ACB

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Who are the players with the most unusual names in the world? In Colgados we try to collect some of the players with names, surnames and nicknames rarer, funny or curious.

The footballers with the most curious and rare names in the world

Ciprian Marica, Elano s Oleksei Gai

The Romanian Ciprian Marica and the ukrainian Gai They were teammates at Shakhtar Donetsk. The Brazilian Elano he also wore that shirt. Having played in the Spanish League team would have done something unusual equipment, especially for commentators. In fact, Marica Getafe Ciprian became magically when the football world was always known by his surname. Years before, especially at Real Zaragoza, we had Jose Aurelio Gay, one of the players with a name or surname curious.

Karamoko Cissé there karamoko Dembelé

Karamoko Cisse He is a Guinean player. Karamoko Dembelé debuted with Glasgow Celtic sub-20 with just 13 years in 2016. Both have had to endure some jokes of children with their name if they were born in Spain, safe.

los futbolistas con los nombres más curiosos
Karamoko Dembelé debut with sub Celtic 20 with only 13 years. PHOTO: Goal

Kaka and Caca

At first they know very well, although he has a namesake who was a defense , the second, He was a Brazilian striker who played unsuccessfully for several Spanish teams and the world. With the game made fans will be set more in his name in his goals.

Pierre Webo

Cameroon went through the League with the shirt of Osasuna, It has a very peculiar name in Spanish. Cameroon will be normal but in Spain it is not. Is it “webos”.


The Old Testament says that the oldest person lasted 969 years and it was none other than Methuselah. Nothing like it to be known with Brazilian Methuselah

Snakes and Lemons

Former defense blond Tenerife, Numancia or Levante, It has a surname which are hard to forget. A year earlier he was in the Levant, David Lemons.

Penev and Poyatos

In Valencia 1995 They agreed two classics of Spanish Liga. He also gave for a joke the first four letters of both.

Jonathan Cabrón

This large Belgian player whose name would give much play in a league like the Spanish 'Let Cabrón that you can!! and the player returned the phrase of encouragement with a notch of complicity. Can you imagine?.

Kanouté and Porro

Kanouté is known to all football fans, especially after his successful stint at Sevilla. The Italian Gianluca Porro is not well known but could make a lethal partnership with Kanouté to the delirium of lovers of psychotropics.

Japan Sevilla

Referee of the year 90 I had a very normal family names. The problem is that they were not geographically close. He was the referee of the game with the most penalties in the history of the League. And he was a peculiar guy refereeing.

Joao Luis Castor Lama

This Angolan goalkeeper defended his selection for the World Cup 2006 disputed in Germany. The curious thing is his first name, to put on the shirt. By the way, It not related to Manolo Lama.

Michael Jackson Quiñonez

Ecuadorian player's parents had to be a big fans of King of pop or got down to work to the tune of Billy Jean. The truth is that the name has noses.

Simone Vergassola

The Italian would give rise to certain jokes especially in the Latin American area with that surname.

El apellido Vergassola no pasaría desapercibido en Ligas de países de habla hispana.
Vergassola surname not go unnoticed in League Spanish-speaking countries.

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