Footballers with animal nicknames

Footballers with animal nicknames
The 'Cobra' Ilie shoots the 'Mono' Navarro Montoya. Two players with animal nicknames. PHOTO: Brand

¿Qué players have animal nicknames? Nicknames are very common in everyday life and in football., almost almost a ritual. Many of them, they receive the nickname of some animal. That's why, on this occasion, we have wondered which players have nicknames in the shape of animals. There are varied and curious. What you have.

Footballers who have or had animal nicknames

-Wolf Carrasco
-Ayala Mouse
-Puma Rodriguez
-Puma Emerson
-Emilio “The vulture” Butragueño
-Bird Caniggia
-Burgos Monkey
-Navarro Montoya Monkey
-Burrito Ortega
-rabbit Saviola
-Pato Abondanzzieri
-Greyhound Jonas Gutiérrez
The Pigeon Usuriaga
-The Tiger Falcao
-Rabbit Oscar Pérez
-the Pitbull Edgar Davids
-El Toro Acuna
-La Gallina Maxi Lopez
-Raven Gustavo Lopez
-The little seal Farfán
-The Fillol Duck
-LevThe Black Spider” Yashin
-Cobra Ilie

If we add to this section insects we can also come up with:

-Piojo Lopez
-Da Silva moth
-La Pulga Messi

And you what you know?, What we have left? Leave your comments.

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