The success of Red Bull Salzburg

The success of Red Bull Salzburg
The success of Red Bull Salzburg goes beyond the energy drink brand. PHOTO: Red Bull Salzburg

The Red Bull Salzburg is one of the multiple equipment that has the energy drink brand around the world. But it is also one of the teams in the franchise that has been around the longest and has progressed the most.. And this apart from the investment of the company, he also has a lot of work behind.

Red Bull Salzburg has entered 200 million euros in recent years

Proof of this work are the 200 million euros they have earned with transfers in the last five years. Without going any further with his last great operation, Erling Haaland who was sold by 21 million euros with just 19 years or a few years before, with Sadio Mané for which they had paid 4 million and that it was sold for 23 millions.

Red Bull Salzburg
Haaland la petó in Salzburg. PHOTO: Transfermarkt

Another great operation of the Red Bull Salzburg was that of Naby Keita who cost him 1,5 million euros and sold it for nothing more and nothing less than 30 million only 2 years after signing him. This makes clear the excellent transfer policy and the great network of scouts that it has. But there's more.

And it is that in addition to signing good young players and for little price, the Austrian team invests a lot in its quarry, something you consider a fundamental piece in your gear. But not everyone fits and only a select few can make it to the la RB Akademie, a high-performance complex in Salzburg, where the lower categories of the club are formed and where nothing more and nothing less than 7 holders of this year's Champions team.

The success of Red Bull Salzburg goes beyond the energy drink brand

How could it be otherwise, the Austrian Bundesliga is too small for him but until recently he was reluctant to play the Champions League. He was a fixture in the Europa League but he could not make the leap in quality that now seems to have taken place in recent years. Now compete with the greats and with the other RB team in Europe, the Leipzig that has reached the elite faster but also have thrown more checkbook.

Red Bull teams have
Both Red Bull teams have come to face each other in the Europa League despite being from the same owner. Now they compete in the Champions PHOTO: GOAL.COM

Until a few years ago, his top star and top scorer in European competitions was Spanish Jonathan Soriano who had a great career in the Red Bull Salzburg with 202 official matches and nothing less than 172 goals between 2011 Y 2017. Making it clear that he has been one of the best players in the history of this Austrian club.

Karim Adeyemi, The success of Red Bull Salzburg goes beyond the energy drink brand

Just almost 2 years, the Red Bull Salzburg sold to Haaland to Borussia and already has a new pearl for which the greats of Europe are sticking and going to stick. This is none other than Karim Adeyemi, a young man born in 2002 with German nationality but with Nigerian origins who is splitting it based on goals in the Champions League, like its predecessor and which is postulated as the new big sale of that talent factory in which the RB team in Austria has become.

Karim Adeyemi Red Bull Salzburgo
Karim Adeyemi is the new pearl for which they stick in Europe. PHOTO: Sport
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