Steroid use and abuse: negative consequences at the brain and psychological level

Steroid use and abuse: negative consequences at the brain and psychological level
Steroid use is harmful to health.

Steroid use in gyms: the great white elephant that no one talks about… For many years we have all read or heard about the use of steroids in sports, whether professional or not, news with great almost unforgettable scandals, as is the case of the star of the 100 flat meters Ben Johnson, or articles that talk about the use and negative effects of steroids on health. If at the end of the article you are not convinced, always can buy steroids on your own if you wish.

but the curious, is that most of the items you can get online, point to health effects, mentioned as a cooking recipe, listed and treated as such, that is to say, as something that is important but not serious; it is then that, if you do a quick search on the internet you will find that all the negative effects are summed up to this:

In men, steroid abuse is associated with a variety of side effects, including acne, shrunken testicles, baldness, decreased sperm count and breast development (gynecomastia).

between women, steroid abuse can cause loss of body fat, breast size reduction, deeper voice and facial and body hair growth. And in severe cases of steroid abuse, heart attacks can occur, strokes, blood clots, liver cancer and liver failure

You will also be able to observe, that most of those articles that talk about the negative effects, are inclined to name, and with greater emphasis, the benefits that the consumption of these entails in the development of muscle mass and sports performance; so it's not surprising, as with the passing of the years, the use of steroids has doubled or tripled in sports spaces, and is that, in the end, who would not like to get a spectacular body in a short time and with a minimum of effort?

Let's go, let's be honest, the listed consequences of steroid use, are very similar to those that give the use of tobacco… and so, you already know that millions of people around the world continue to use tobacco despite its well-known and documented consequences.

The problem, in my opinion, is that little or no importance is given to the negative consequences at the brain and psychological level that can affect the steroid user, and which can lead to the death of the consumer or people around him.

¡No!, I'm not an alarmist! There is a close relationship between steroid use and femicide, homicides and violent assaults against third parties, therefore, it could be classified as associated with a higher frequency and severity of violent crimes.

How is it possible to explain this?

There are recent publications on the use of steroids in the brain and the psychic alterations that it entails, as is the case of the published article that bears the name “Brain and cognitive abnormalities in long-term anabolic-androgenic steroid users”

In that publication, the authors demonstrated how they have been able to systematically examine brain changes from long-term steroid use using three types of imaging methods to examine different parts of the brain., including MRI (MRI), that tells you about the structure of the brain; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which measures brain activity by detecting changes in blood oxygenation; and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), which analyzes the levels of different chemicals in the brain.

This study was carried out for one year with a group of 150 male weightlifters aged between 35 Y 55 years and compared brain imaging of steroid users with images of non-users.

The results were these:

Brain imaging focused on the amygdala, the part of the brain involved in regulating emotions, The agression, anxiety and possibly even depression, showing that it was enlarged by approximately one 20% in those who were chronic steroid users compared. to non-users. This data is particularly interesting because previous studies have shown that amygdala enlargement has been associated with aggression.

A decrease in brain levels of a sugar known as scyllo-inositol was observed, which plays a key role in preventing the accumulation of neurotoxic proteins, in particular the beta-amyloid protein, known to play a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

This study was able to further demonstrate, what, unlike alcohol and most illicit drugs, that leave your body fairly quickly after use; steroids may be present in the system at levels of 20 a 40 times higher than natural testosterone levels, the 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, throughout the duration of so-called “cycles” of steroid use, this, because long-acting steroids are used during cycles, so the body has no time to get rid of them.

However, this does not reach only what was expressed above, There are many other studies that show that there is a high probability that some people develop syndromes “maniacs” O “hipomaníacos”, characterized by exaggerated self-confidence, hyperactivity, irritability, impaired judgment and, although rarely, including psychotic symptoms such as paranoid and grandiose delusions.

So this is where I wonder, does the use of steroids, should be considered harmful to health like smoking a cigarette? …so far I have not seen any news or studies indicating violent crimes from tobacco use…

What I have been able to observe, is an increase in acts of violence in which steroid tests on aggressors, these give positive results...

so, Is the use of steroids a health problem or it is possible that it can be considered a social problem such as Alcohol consumption and drugs?

If you came this far looking for information on the side effects of steroid use, because you are thinking of using them... I ask you to stop to analyze if it is really worth exposing your health and future just for the aesthetic aspect.


Every informed decision will determine the success of your future…

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