Jonas Gutierrez saves Newcastle after beating cancer

Jonas Gutierrez saves Newcastle after beating cancer

Jonás Gutierréz saves Newcastle. This fact, relevant in itself, it gains importance if we consider the situation that the “Galgo”. Football, it is a beautiful sport and like in life, sometimes a second chance passes in front of you. In the case of Jonah, the Argentine was born again after overcoming testicular cancer although he did not settle for that and returned to the playing fields.

In 2013, He was diagnosed with cancer after suffering severe pain in his testicular area during a match against Arsenal in which the player suffered a severe blow. After many diagnoses, they detected the terrible disease against which he had been fighting for a year. After making a full recovery, the “Galgo”, returned to the field of play in March 2015 receiving a tremendous ovation.

Every effort has its rewards. So as football is a wonderful sport and as if karma had acted in this situation, Jonás Gutierréz has become the hero of a Newcastle that played the descent. The “magpies” they played it against West Ham and the Greyhound first with an assist and then with a goal with a hit with all the soul, was going to be decisive in salvation.

A goal that apart from saving Newcastle was celebrated by the player with rage and emotion putting the hairs on end to all those present in the legendary St James Park. A hit with all my soul directed not only to a goal but to life, normal you will celebrate it with all your soul. Yet another case that soccer is more than just a wonderful sport.

This is how Jonas celebrated his goal.
This is how Jonas celebrated his goal.

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