Nicknames of the selections

Nicknames of the selections

National teams usually occupy today after finishing the football league championships. The late spring and early summer are times where players often represent their country and participate in international tournaments.

From Hanged For Football, we recall the main nicknames for those who are known selections. There are all types, from those that refer to the color of the shirt (mainly in Europe and America), that are identified by animals (especially in the area of ​​Africa):


Spain: The Red
Germany: team , which is to say national team
Italy: the azurri (blue)
Serbia and Montenegro: the plavi (blue)
France: Blues (the Blues)
Holland: the Oranje (orange) or A Clockwork Orange
Croatia: the vatremi (full of fire / fierce)
Sweden: Los Team (National selection) O (crowns)
England: Lions or equipment rose
Belgium: Red Devils
Denmark: Red Dynamite
Scotland: the tartan army
Gales: The Dragons
Greece: the pirate ship
Norway: the Vikings


Mexico: The tricolor or Aztec selection
Argentina: albicelestes
Brazil: canarinha (yellow)
Ecuador: the tricolor
Costa Rica: Ticos or Sele
Paraguay: Guarani or Albiroja
U.S: Sam’s Army (Uncle Sam's army)
The Savior: to select
Honduras: La H
Uruguay: The light blue
Panama: The red tide or canaleros
Jamaica: the reggae boyz
Chile: The Red
Colombia: coffee growers
Peru: The Incas
Venezuela: the vinotinto


Iran: Lions Persia or Melli (National selection)
Saudi Arabia: Sons of the Desert or Green Eagles


Ivory Coast: The elephants
Tunisia: Carthage Eagles
Egypt: pharaohs
Togo: Los Gavilanes
Angola: Palancas Negras (black antelopes)
Ghana: The black stars (Black Stars)
South Africa: Bafana Bafana
Algeria: fennecs (Desert Foxes)
Cameroon: Indomitable lions (the Indomitable Lions)
Morocco: Atlas Lions
Senegal: Teranga Lions


New Zealand: All Whites [referring to his team rugby (los all black)]
Australia: Socceroos

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