Large pufos of the Spanish League: “Puma” Rodríguez

Large pufos of the Spanish League: “Puma” Rodríguez
Puma Rodríguez did not succeed in Real Betis. PHOTO: Real Betis

The Venezuelan singer Jose Luis “The Puma” Rodríguez acquired some fame in music in the decade of the 80. With its lush mane, the Puma, It took some popularity. Years later, another Jose Luis Rodriguez, but this time Zapatero, He became Prime Minister of Spain. In between, there was another Jose Luis ” The Puma” Rodríguez but this, Betis he played center forward and said something unpleasant. Suffering a severe overweight despite being a professional footballer.

Jose Luis “The Puma” Rodríguez had no fortune in his time as a Betico player

Born in Argentina in 1963, the “Puma” Rodríguez I played for Spanish, but that of your country and in Rosario Central where he even became top scorer and even international with Maradona's Argentina. This caused the Betis notice him in 1988 to reinforce their front. On arrival at Sevilla, as he noted for having little conventional figure even for the time, so far from athletes and metrosexuals today. He spent three seasons at Sevilla where he played 56 games and scored only 10 goals, some numbers pretty poor for a goalscorer. However he became famous for other things. Such as taking a colic to overeat.

Puma Rodriguez on the right, down in an alignment of the end of Betis 80, early 90.
Puma Rodriguez on the right, down in an alignment of the end of Betis 80, early 90. PHOTO: Betis

The player himself acknowledged in an interview to the ABC from Seville who came to fall ill for going overboard with food and lying about his weight on many occasions, although he denied the version or urban legend that hovered about him. The legend, Colic said he suffered, It was due to a whole suckling pig ate it by myself. Either way, It was clear that his little self-control and gave little importance to the issue at the time made the “Puma” I was never in its ideal form.

Weight problems haunted him in his stage as a green-and-white

Like his own Puma Rodriguez recognized, always had overweight and arrival to Sevilla where he got purple “reeds and tapitas” They did not help him. He arrived last, with 85 kilos and stood in 91, a crushing weight for a player who lived football. The “Puma” It was a peculiar type for all. One day he scored a goal for Málaga and tried to make the Hugo Sanchez, somersault to celebrate a goal with the result of a tremendous blow and ridiculous that came out in the press of the time. A footballer of these who did not end up being remembered for his virtues on the pitch.

Puma Rodriguez in a new image. Photo:
Puma Rodríguez in an image of 2013. Photo:
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