Hugo Sánchez, the best player in the history of Mexico

Hugo Sánchez, the best player in the history of Mexico
Hugo Sanchez is arguably the best player in the history of Mexico. PHOTO: AS

Hugo Sanchez is the best player in the history of Mexico. For his goals, its race, His character on the pitch and off it and what it meant for Mexico. The goal in the 80's bore his name.

Nacido el 11 de julio de 1958 in Mexico City, He debuted to 18 years with the ONE and since young well noted for its ease to destroy the rival goals. He played there from 18 hasta los 23 getting the not inconsiderable figure of 99 goles.

Arrival in Madrid where he played in Primera 3 city ​​teams

With such baggage, Atletico Madrid noticed him to sign him in 1981. There he played four seasons, frame 54 goles en 111 games and won their first trophy Pichichi to the top scorer in Spain.

En 1985, He changed sidewalk and left the eternal rival colchonero, Real Madrid becoming one of the Players who played at Atletico and Real Madrid. That's where Hugo, He would reach their highest professional fulfillment. He won four more Pichichis and Golden Boot 1991. He also equaled the record of Zarra 38 goals in the league. This record stood until the arrival of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

the best player in the history of Mexico
Hugo Sanchez making his feature 'Chile’ PHOTO: newspaperdesevilla

He won five straight league titles and one UEFA Cup. Total marked 164 goles en 240 games with the blancos.Después returned to Mexico to play in America 1992 and a year later returned to the Spanish League to play with Rayo Vallecano with surprises and being a veteran player, marking 16 goles en 29 partidos.

Total marked 234 goles en 347 games in the Spanish League, divided into three teams, casually all Madrid. Hugo made his entire career in Madrid Spanish. Then he returned to Mexico to Atlante ,he went to the Second Division Austria, to the US to play in the Dallas and retired in 1997 in Celaya, in company Butragueño and Michel.

Ese mismo año, el 29 de mayo de 1997, he was made a tribute match at the Bernabeu, where he scored three goals in a match PSG made to measure, which it helped him to bid farewell to football as a player.

The best player in the history of Mexico

Hugo leads the list of the best players in the history of Mexico. The forward played with selection 75 parties marking 29 goles. With the Aztec selection, who got the most relevant was the second in the America's Cup 1993 which took place in Ecuador.

Hugo Sanchez-mexico
Hugo Sanchez is the best player in the history of Mexico

He played three World ( Argentina 1978, México 1986 y USA 1994) where as far he managed to achieve with the selection were the quarterfinals of the World Cup played in their own country 1986. In total at the end of his career he scored 510 goles en 893 partidos.

Después, in it 2000, He began his coaching career work which currently is engaged. It was from Mexico coach 2006 a 2008.

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