karamoko Dembelé, the umpteenth wunderkind

karamoko Dembelé, the umpteenth wunderkind
Karamoko Dembelé debut with sub Celtic 20 with only 13 years. PHOTO: Goal

It all starts with the same script: Sound, fight and try to win. What if, I say trying to succeed, because in a world so "convoluted" such as football are many who dream but ..., Unfortunately, Very few who succeed. Every day we assail the media with young hopefuls, new jewels of football that are meant to make a difference in the future that, Regrettably, many try to make it present. stages are burned by leaps and bounds. Sometimes, go well, instead, in other everything becomes a catastrophe. Recently, He has entered the fray Karamoko name Dembelé.

Dembelé is a child of Ivorian origin who became known in Irish Cup Saint's Boys Academy where he had a more noticeable participation. In the tournament, They are participating in the quarries of big European clubs, He staged a superb game against the lads subsidiary of FC Barcelona.

video, that featured culés dodging opponents with astonishing ease, was the cause of his figure began to be recognized throughout Europe and some abroad. If we add that last weekend, Dembelé debut with the sub-assembly 20 with only Celtic 13 years, it is easy to get used to the idea that we could be facing a huge crack.

However, back to the same: Is it advisable to give such tremendous demand turns during the formation of a footballer? Dembelé may come to become a star, or perhaps you want him to grow too quickly prevents it. A mind are examples like me Freddy Adu o Ryan Gauld, they took off soon and likewise disappeared. We'll see what happens now ...

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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