The worst strikers in the history of Valencia

The worst strikers in the history of Valencia
Dorlan Pabon was one of the fiascos who joined Valencia for front. PHOTO:

Who they are or have been worst strikers in the history of Valencia? The Mestalla club's centenary and a century and gives to many things. For titles and failures, joys and disappointments, for grandes cracks and major sporting fiascos as worst signings. In both cases we've discussed in previous articles but today we filter a little more trying to collect some of the worst strikers who have gone through the history of Valencia. 

Alvaro Negredo

The 'Shark Vallecas’ It cost a whopping 30 million euros which made him one of the most expensive signings in the history of Valencia. However, performance at the Mestalla club was well away from the cost price. Framework 18 goals in 74 games and ended almost gifted by 2,5 Besiktas million euros in the summer of 2017.

Cristiano Lucarelli

It was a great reputation in front of Italian football yet passing through Valencia was nothing productive. Juice 12 parties, Made a goal and he had severe injury. Then he returned to Italian football where he continued scoring goals. One of the worst strikers in the history of Valencia. 

the worst strikers in the history of Valencia
Cristiano Lucarelli's shirt Valencia. PHOTO: Superdeporte

Sabin Ilia

The younger brother of the 'Cobra’ It was supposedly the better of the two but the reality was that Adrian was a great player who won at Valencia CF and his brother Sabin was doubtful that a footballer. It arrived in the summer of 1998 after half a season of success his brother to form a lethal pair with him, however only played in the Taronja Trophy and finished yielded more than 20 computers 5 years who signed it.

Victor Hugo Aristizabal

It's one of the best strikers in the history of Colombia. However, when he arrived at Valencia I was too young yet and that team was also quite limited so that the formula did not work. He arrived for the second half of the season 1993-94 and he scored a goal in a friendly to Utiel. That was his only performance for a player who was several times World Cup with Colombia and scored many goals during his career.

Mitchy Batshuayi

The fans of Valencia is like the lover with passion when he wants, it does with all the soul, and when the thing crosses, pulls you tackle the balcony. And as in these cases, when people are so passionate, passes from love to hate and vice versa in a very short time. This would be a great definition of lto stage Batshuayi in Valencia

When he signed for Valencia in the summer of 2018 Optimism soared, Bat-arrived shuayi, valencianista new bat. The Belgian was presented and sold as a megacrack and arrived at this price, some 9 million euros for an assignment.

worst strikers in the history of Valencia
So the media announced the arrival of Batsuayhi to Valencia. Then it was a fiasco. PHOTO: Superdeporte

The truth is that the player came to make a Russia World Cup 2018 normal and stringing three divestitures by Chelsea. He left in January 2019, defenestrado by Marcelino and fans, to chain his fourth assignment followed the Crystal Palace. Much marketing but in the end, one of the worst strikers in the history of Valencia

Bernardo Corradi

The Italian striker was quarrelsome and willful but did not have the profile or player supergoleador 'Top'. Besides, and if that was not enough, He came to a team who had just won a doublet and passing the time of his century-old history. put 5 goals in 32 games and left the following year to return to club football in his country.

Francesco Tavano

He staged a war between Amedeo Carboni, by that time Valencia sporting director Quique Sanchez Flores, Coach. The Italian joined compatriot Tavano, a striker who had scored goals in Empoli for nothing more and nothing less than 10 millions of euros.

Quique was not convinced anything this signing, he considered very low level and had wasted a significant amount and did not give minutes, as few as 44 which it is all that played with Valencia between summer and December. He finished as almost all of the time, mis-sold and generating more economic loss.

worst strikers in the history of Valencia
Francesco Tavano was one of the great fiascos of Valencia at the beginning of the first decade of the century. PHOTO: Brand


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