Spanish football and the crisis

Spanish football and the crisis
PHOTO: Picture of Phillip Kofler in Pixabay

Dear hanging:

Today we will know the professional football league calendar for the season 2013/2014 and it comes to mind, the little media movement that there has been in the football clubs of the Liga BBVA these months in signings. Of which there have been, except for Neymar for Barcelona, the rest have not been of relevance.

But nevertheless, the departure of great Spanish footballers to European Leagues has never been so great. If we review the big clubs like Real Madrid, Isco's incorporations, Illarramendi and Carvajal envision the new transfer policy and in principle except for Isco's, the coffers are not for many joys. An example of this is the incorporation of Villa to the At. Madrid for a meager amount if we compare it with what Barcelona paid Valencia. Going over one by one the steps taken by all the clubs would be very heavy, the reflection is that the crisis and sanity are beginning to give their results.

Spend the money as in the years of economic prosperity with the approval of the main Tax Agency
creditor of these, it's over. Spanish society and taxpayers are making an immense effort in the face of the tax avalanche and it is obvious that the same treatment is demanded for all regardless of who they are or what they are called. Even so, the big ones still have wider sleeves than the others, encouraging the demise of the middle class in soccer.

The debts of the professional football clubs must go away with the treasury, The bills should tally up and everyone should buckle up. I think that the so-called best league in the world will not lose quality, Our Spanish team is the current World and European champion and that should be enough incentive for talented Spanish players who have been hitting hard from lower categories to join the strong teams, that's good with so many transfers and so many commissions!!, Let's look at our quarries, which is the future of our football.

Sergio Barres

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