Football 90's: Tato Abbey and Mariano Angoy

Football 90's: Tato Abbey and Mariano Angoy
Tato currante Abbey was a football for many years.

Remember to Tato Abbey and Mariano Angoy?, They were two players in the Spanish League 90's, two classic for one reason or another of a football from another era. If the other day we remember Kosecki, Pepe Galvez and Juanma López, Today we remember these two.

Tato Abbey, race, pundonor and mustaches

Tato Abbey is the representative of a lineage of football almost extinct, at least in the elite, the football currantes. It was a modest player who was left everything on the field, a born fighter. With a distinctive mustache and alopecia pronuciada, always he appeared to more than ten or fifteen years had.

did not have much talent or technical quality and had a peculiar way of running, but always he gave everything for the shield, and not by millionaire amounts as moving today. He played in modest teams such as Logroñés and Compostela but got to play in a big as Atletico Madrid, where he came from the hand of one of the greatest defenders of the old football, Javier Clemente.

His best game in first, is remembered at the Bernabeu, where the "Tato" I scored two goals against Real Madrid. It was in the season 1992-93 and thanks to this, Abbey was included in the eleventh week of the prestigious magazine "France Football".

What was Tato Abbey?. Then he became coach and rode a cheese shop run by his wife. He took the reins of the new Logroñés after disappearing the legendary team where he played much of his career.

Tato Abadía es entrenador  y tiene una tienda de quesos.
Tato Abadía es entrenador y tiene una tienda de quesos.

Mariano Angoy, soccer goalkeeper, son of Cruyff and football kicker

For Mariano Angoy is one of the most peculiar cases that have occurred in Spanish football. It was a mediocre player, the pile was in the Barça Dream Team, one of the best in history, for many years. How this is explained?, He was the son of Johan Cruyff.

His level was so contentious that despite being several years, only played nine games. The issue was so obvious, with almost thirty years, He played for Barca subsidiary. The issue was so obvious that the pair went to his father. His football career did not give much more, but football was something else.

Angoy was better football player than football.
Angoy was better football player than football.

Signed for another club in Barcelona, pero no de fútbol, but about American football. He joined the Barcelona Dragons. There Mariano Angoy, He was dedicated to be the team's kicker, prefacing your stay from 1996 until the 2003, being to signing pos Denver Broncos. Let's go, which was more prolific career as a football player that as a football player.

What happened to Mariano Angoy?. In 2006, already entered the four decades, goalkeeper played in the third division Europe, where it was placed and currently serves as coach of youth A.

Mariano Angoy today.
Mariano Angoy today.

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