The story of Pickles, World Cup hero 1966

La historia de Pickles, el héroe del Mundial de 1966

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At the World held in England in 1966 there was a hero who was neither a player nor coach, it's more, nor did he step into a field. Actually, neither was neither human. They think they're so hung for football we have lost the north but not, we want to tell a story of those that remain forever in the memory of football fans. We are talking about Pickles, the dog that became a national and international hero overnight.

The trophy was on display in London. He 20 March of that same year, was stolen and the World Cup, was on the horizon a few months to reach English lands. In the news, had been informed about the value of this. Nothing more and nothing less than 30.000 pounds sterling of the time. The robbery occurred when another act was taking place. They had the description of a suspect seen in the vicinity. The English federation made a reply in case the trophy did not appear but in the end it did.. The story of how it was achieved is almost like a movie.

Pickles copa del mundo 1
The Cup was on display in London.

A few days after his disappearance, a citizen of the English metropolis, David Corbett, he was walking his dog, a border collie mix with other breeds called Pickles. The dog, he started barking and scrabbling next to some hedges. What was the surprise of the owner who found the glass wrapped in a newspaper.

He went to Scotland yard and Edward Bletchley was arrested, which also, had asked for a ransom for the trophy. He spent two years in jail and shortly after leaving he died of ephysema. England won the World Cup and Pickles became an idol, received as a prize food for one year and made a film. Life would bring him a dishonorable death, since one day chasing a cat, his leash got caught and he died of suffocation. Sad end for this dog who became a national idol.

Pickles recibió como premio un año en comida.
Pickles received as a prize a year in food.

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