The most beautiful t in World Cup history

The most beautiful t in World Cup history
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many decades, many have passed since the first World Cup held in 1930 In uruguay, which he ended with victory for the host. Since then, There have been many editions played, the teams that have participated in them and of course, T-shirts that have seen these quotes.

And although list is always subjective, in Colgadosporelfutbol we have ventured to make a list of those that are in our view, the most beautiful shirts in World Cup history. We hope you like.

Holland World Cup 1974

Clockwork Orange was the sensation of the World on the field practicing for a football never seen before. So was his precious shirt made by Adidas. As a curiosity, If you look at the picture, All shirts worn by 3 stripes known brand while Cruyff, only takes 2. This conflict between the Dutch to sponsoring another brand and its federation was due to who sponsored the German mark. In the end we chose because its star dressed slightly different shirt.

A Clockwork Orange 1974. If you look carefully, T-Shirt see as Johan Cruyff is different from the rest. Photo: Bubble Football


Brazil World Cup in Sweden 1958

At the time when sports brands still did not wear football teams or selections can find this strangely beautiful Brazil shirt blue. Color that the hand of a young Pele, They won the World Cup 1958.

Brazilian team in the World Cup in Sweden 1958. Photo: Football teams

England England World Cup 1966

The English won its own World in 60 and they did it with a red long-sleeved shirt that made history. Squeaky but in turn with considerable romantic charm, England T-Shirt 1966 It is one of those who have been to the memory of the history of the World.

The red shirt of England in its World 1966. Photo: Color Sport / Digital Sport

Argentina in the World 78, 82 Y 86

During this cycle Argentina was the best team winning two of the three World Cups were held. His own organized in a very dark time for Argentina society (1978) and played in Mexico in 1986 with Maradona who was exalted among the best ever. During these three appointments we also saw three of the most beautiful T-shirts World Cup history. And the albiceleste always had something.

Argentina T-shirts on 1978. 1982 Y 1986. Photo: LT

Germany in World 1986

Green shirt Germany, his second kit in Mexico 1986, also had that special touch of the time. And is that the 80 It was a unique time for the football shirts

Green shirt Germany 1986. Photo: AFP PHOTO

Spain at the World Cup 1982, 1986 Y 1994

The red of Spain has had many models but no doubt some were more to remember than others. We were three: the World held in Spain itself, of Mexico 86 and US 94 which, It is a tribute in Russia 2018 with an almost identical shirt adapted to new trends and technologies but with a design igualito.

Spain T-shirts on 1982, 1986 Y 1994. Photomontage: Colgadosporelfutbol

Zaire in the World Cup 1974

They were next to Haiti one of the exotic sensations of that setentero World. Africans did not contribute much on the field where they stopped but did not go well planted with a colorful T-shirt that read "Leopards" with a kind of leopard with ball. A vintage last.

Zaire T-shirt with leopard shirt. Photo: yourzone.beinsports fr

US in its World Cup 94

For the first time in history the World traveling to the most powerful country in the world and although it was played in a place that was not the cradle or the tradition of this sport, it was a success. The hosts wanted to leave the pavilion all out and so did with this colorful shirt full of stars.

USA with its mythical Stars T-Shirt. Photo:

There are obviously many very nice that we have not listed because we would have enough material to make four articles like this What do you think?, which one do you like the most? If you are passionate about vintage fashion, You can find all retro soccer jerseys of teams qualified for the World Cup 2018 in Spanish online storeRetrofootball®.

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