The best coach in the history of Cádiz

The best coach in the history of Cádiz
Álvaro Cervera the day he arrived at Cádiz CF in 2016. PHOTO:

“I am not the best coach in the history of Cádiz“. This is how modest it is Alvaro Cervera (1965) when asked the question. But nevertheless, the numbers say the opposite. The one with Santa Isabel, name by which he was known Malabo the current capital of Equatorial Guinea when it was a Spanish colony, He came in 2016 to a sunken Cádiz and since then, has made history.

Álvaro Cervera's numbers, the best coach in the history of Cádiz

Cádiz passes from 110 years of history and nobody, has signed Cervera's numbers on his bench. The one who was a Valencia player, Mallorca and Racing de Santander among others, is the coach who has directed the club the most games. But not only that, It is also the coach who has won the most games in the history of Cádiz. As if this were not enough, He is also the coach with the most wins away from home in the First Division.

further, in the curriculum of the best coach in the history of Cádiz they find each other 2 promotions, from Second B to Second and from here to First and the subsequent permanence in the highest category also counting on the lowest budget of the same. Definitely, a series of merits that make many consider him the best coach who has been on the bench of the Cadiz team.

“I don't care if I'm the best or not”

Despite its successes, this label does not like much to Alvaro Cervera. He has come to affirm in many media that “he didn't care if he was the best or not” and even to affirm that “was not the best coach in the history of the club“. But the truth and with the data in hand is that few can doubt that at least, is already important part of the history of Cádiz.

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