Players who returned to Real Madrid after being assigned or transferred to another computer

Players who returned to Real Madrid after being assigned or transferred to another computer

Getting to play football at the highest level is not easy. The stage of a footballer since its inception in the lower echelons of a club until his promotion to the first team can become a real odyssey. This situation is further accentuated if we put the spotlight on big clubs. Many of these sports organizations have a large capital that allows them to gain the services of the best world stars, hindering the jump to the elite youth home, which often they have to migrate to finish growing and expose their true potential. The latter situation is occurring frequently at Real Madrid.

In recent seasons, There are many cases of "pearls" of the white quarry who have returned after enthrall other teams and leagues. Here are some of them:

– Alvaro Arbeloa. The right side headed in the year 2006 Deportivo La Coruna for, later, saturating in the Premier League where title and earned respect in Liverpool, which he earned him to return this season 2009-2010 Real Madrid and become a Real Madrid icon for much of the fans.

Its great beginnings in Lugo and Deportivo Coruna "B", that Madrid did it incorporate to their lower categories. Since the first team Iker Casillas was, whose ownership was indisputable at that time.

-Diego López I had to pack up and, after passing Villarreal and Sevilla, he returned home where he starred in one of the most memorable polemics with Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho.

Diego Lopez with Casillas in the first stage at Real Madrid before heading out to Villarreal and Sevilla.
Diego Lopez with Casillas in the first stage at Real Madrid before heading out to Villarreal and Sevilla.

-José Callejón. Footballer marked differences in Second B with Real Madrid Castilla. Soon he reached the pinnacle hand Espanyol where he caught on a great campaign 2010-11 he did return to Madrid. He won one being their usual contributions League on the lawn. But not starting, he was forced to leave in 2013 looking for new opportunities in Naples.

– Dani Carvajal. The right side holds the Real Madrid today, He also had to "look the beans" out, specifically Bundesliga. that season 2012-2013 an electricity Bayern Leverkusen, where he was voted the best course in opposition, Florentino Perez forced to have to repescarle for new project.

Lucas Vázquez. The young winger blunted, and how, Real Madrid Castilla won promotion to the Second Division, but it was not clear yet valid for the first team, therefore assignment to Espanyol in the year 2014 It was necessary. Parakeet in the box caught on a great campaign, summer and later returned to play at the Bernabeu.

Lucas Vázquez in its stage Espanyol
Lucas Vázquez in its stage Espanyol. It was one of the last players who returned to Real Madrid after an assignment or a transfer.

– Alvaro Morata. Cristiano, Benzema and Bale becomes difficult to be front and enjoy minutes in Real Madrid, but he succeeded Morata, although the squad wanted to keep growing and it went to Juventus in 2014. In Italy there has been forged as one of the great strikers of the old continent, and returns to the club merengue to keep proving.

These are just a few recent examples. Surely soon they will be more young talent to perform this way round as players like Borja Mayoral, Diego Llorente, Medrán and Mascarrell, among others, They have already gone looking for that opportunity to give them a ticket back to Real Madrid. further, this list can be added players who have not been fully raised in the Madrid team sets subsidiaries, but yes were booked to be on the first team in the future and has been, like Casemiro (Real Madrid Castilla-Porto-Real Madrid) or Marco Asensio (Mallorca-Espanyol-Real Madrid)

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