Five of the biggest mistakes in the history of football

Five of the biggest mistakes in the history of football
This error Arconada he gave the victory to France in Euro 1984. PHOTO: Brand

What are the biggest mistakes in the history of football? The beautiful game is emotion, passion, goal. Football, about life transcends, It is becoming something more than a sport, often a matter of vital importance.

The truth is that football can like it or not, but who likes or is a real hook for football, It is never indifferent to the sport. Because, very loyal to our line, we bring five of the biggest mistakes made in a football match

Higuita gave the goal to Cameroon

René Higuita was a very peculiar goalkeeper. Capable of the best and the worst, but never go unnoticed. If the scorpion encumbró, this gift to Robert Milla in Italy 90 He became one of the most famous errors in World Cup history and by extension, of football.

Arconada gift Platini

Rarely a final of a major competition has been so clearly determined by an error. The protagonist, the goalkeeper of the Spanish team, José Manuel Arconada, to which he was going to escape the ball from his hands after a seemingly harmless free kick by Platini. His mistake, It cost the Euro of 1984 to Spain. The error was painful, because it is the final of a major tournament and because the protagonist of failure, He was one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Spain.

Martin Palermo He missed three penalties in one game

Only a madman would think of doing this. They were neither one nor two, if not three penalties, what Martin Palermo going to waste in a match of Copa America 99 against Colombia. The truth is that few after missing two penalties, They would have dared to launch a third. Palermo did and failed. Despite their bravery, He went down in history as one of the biggest blunders in history.

John Terry's slip cost a Champions

The English sets, Manchester United y Chelsea, were held in Moscow the end of the Champions 2008. The match between these two giants of the Premier ended in penalty shootout. With everything going, London worth to them to make the final penalty shootout to win the title for the first time in its history.

Captain, the man who would pick up the cup, He would be the one to go down in history but the black history of football due to an untimely slip. Terry was prepared, He took his run, He slipped when he went to shoot and sent the ball and hopes to win this Champions at the Olympic track located behind the goal.

The failure of Cardeñosa in 1978, one of those who are not forgotten

It was not until 2010 when the Spanish team managed to remove the thorn that was stuck in world. Much of the blame would have it incomprehensible errors, like this one Julio cardeñosa Argentina in the World 78 against Brazil.

The former player of Betis was going to go down in history for failing one of the clearest opportunities recall. Solo, to empty, was to smash the ball against the only defense was in goal. Incomprehensible and equally irrisorio, seeing is believing.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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