The day a goal discovered an infidelity

The day a goal discovered an infidelity

You know there was a day when a goal discovered an infidelity? Football is full of stories, curious anecdotes and situations here in Hanged by football We try to tell you every day in the way we know best. In this article we tell you another of those stories that at least you will draw a smile although one of his protagonists sure that did not give much laughter. The story of the goal that discovered an infidelity. And is that a celebration so effusive consequences never had love like this.

The day a goal discovered an infidelity

We find ourselves in time, in April of the year 2000. They say that spring the blood alters and must have thought that the protagonist of this crazy story. The Genoa, was played up to Serie A against Atalanta another cock of the category and the party as expected was full of nerves, voltage and above, igualdad. What often happens in these games and when both teams were fighting for the top prize.

The party marched tied when Davide Nicola, the then front 27 Genoa years local team, He could beat Atalanta goal after a play put the madness in the stands and on the green. Almost at the same rate that had unhooked rivals to score the goal that gave the victory to his team, He embarked on a career off the court where it was launched against a law enforcement officer who was assigned to protect the safety of the party.

The passion of a goal overflows everything..

Neither short nor lazy, Nicola, He planted a kiss on all morros the police did not know where to go to this situation in front of thousands of people and television cameras live. But the best story comes now. Since the initial denial despite, it was discovered that the police, It was an intimate Italian player amiguita. The player tried to sneak days after he had kissed the agent because he had mistaken for a family friend also lawman. The play did not work out and he had to account to his wife as Davide Nicola, he was married.

The same thing happened to her husband the agent learned from television viewers with the rest of his wife, He had put a antler aupa. We do not know how the thing would end the couple but the thing, it seems that did not end well. football things, that make you lose one reason. Now we can see Davide Nicola on the bench of Italian football.

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