The worst goalkeepers who ever played for a big team

The worst goalkeepers who ever played for a big team
Busquets is for many, one of the worst goalkeepers in Barcelona history. PHOTO: Creador: BRAND FILE Copyright: Free use

Who have been the worst goalkeepers who have played on a team of a certain entity? Play in a big football always requires a more quality or at least most of the time. If you are a goalkeeper more. However, there have been cases of players of dubious quality or talent that came to play in teams too big for them. Today we focus on the case of five of the worst goalkeepers who never played in a large.

The worst goalkeepers who ever played in a so-called 'great' team’

Mariano Angoy

Without many merits, He spent many years in Barcelona, coinciding with one of the best teams in club history, he “Dream Team” Johan Cruyff. It was in the culé subsidiary to almost 30 years old and when he could no longer be there, He happened to the first team where he did not play anything more than a friendly. When Cruyff left Barcelona he went directly to American football and triumphed in the Barcelona Dragons as kicker. By the way, and that each draw their conclusions, he was married to the daughter of Cruyff.

Carlos Busquets

The youngest will only relate the last name Busquets with Sergio, the one who was a midfielder for the Spanish team and Barcelona for so many years. Those with a year will also remember his father, Carlos, porter who was a few years also in Barcelona. Even if it looks like a lie, one of the best teams in history, He counted for several seasons with Zubizarreta, Goalkeeping Busquets and Angoy. They were obviously other times. Juice 8 years in Barcelona where he was most on the bench except his last season where he played most unfortunate performances leaving, far below the level of a team like Barcelona.

Albano Bizarri

It was just one season at Real Madrid but gave a lot of play. The truth Bizzarri completed most of his career between Spain and Italy but hit the jackpot when he was recruited to play for Real Madrid. His performance was far from expected and performances, They came to the point that eventually lost his starting job to a young man of 18 años en aquella época. Such Casillas.

Manuel Almunia

For Almunia is far less peculiar. He completed a discreet career, very very discreet in Spain playing in the Cartagonova, Sabadell, Eibar Albacete in Second Division. However, despite having seen the first from afar, He ended up signing for Arsenal where he was 8 seasons. His level was obvious, I was very far from being a goalkeeper as a club like Arsenal but it was nearly a decade at the club and even in several seasons was the undisputed head of Wenger. The rest of seasons spent warming the bench

Ludovic Butelle

Valencia signed him when he thought he found in one of the most promising young goalkeepers in Europe, or so it was said. Like many signings that time, that of Butelle was a fiasco and went through more pain than glory for Valencia where he only played a few games and where not absolutely have demonstrated the necessary level to defend the goal of Valencia.

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