The best strikers in the history of Mexico

The best strikers in the history of Mexico
Hugo Sánchez is the best striker in the history of Mexico. For many, the best player in the history of the country too. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

Who are the best forwards in the history of Mexico? the mexican country, It is a soccer country par excellence where matters related to the ball, acquire a significance almost Capital. Organizer two World (1970 y 1986), the Aztec country has some level players throughout the history of the sport. Let's remember in this case, some of the best attackers this country has produced.

The best strikers in the history of Mexico

1-Hugo Sanchez

Hugo marked 510 goals in 893 parties, won 4 Tournament top scorer in the Spanish League which played at Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Rayo and played three World Cups for his country. He also hit a runner-up with the shirt Tri. It was the media icon of the time and the banner of his country. Definitely, the best striker ever gave Mexico. Hugo Sánchez has a Guinness Record hard to get over. got it on 1990.

2-Jared Borgetti

He top scorer in the history of the mexican teamto with 46 and scored so many other 258 in Mexican soccer where he became an institution. Mexico left only to the end of his career, He played football in Saudi Arabia but returned to retire in 2010. On its own merits it is one of the best mexican strikers in history.

3-Luis Hernandez

In the late 90 It was the great hope of Mexican soccer. Blond hair in the wind, Hernandez highlighted in the World Cup in France 1998 and in the Copa América of 1999. Framework 35 goals with the Mexican national team and developed most of his career in Mexico but one stage in Boca Juniors and a period in the US playing in the ranks of Los Angeles Galaxy.

4-Cuauhtémoc Blanco

The eternal scorer, author from “cuahutemeinha”, frame 39 many with Mexico and played three World Cups with Tri. He came to play in Spain and the US and past 40 He has continued war in Mexican soccer. A kind of quality, strong character and grit that even came out on TV.

5-Carlos Hermosillo

Another Mexican front mythical. Framework 35 Tri goals and 297 in Mexican football left to play only in Belgium and the US. Participó en 90 matches for the team and played in two World.


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