The fixed RFEF 3 cards that carry suspension for the Copa del Rey

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) this season has introduced an amendment to its Disciplinary Code which represents a reduction from five to three of the warnings will result in the suspension of a player for a game in the Cup King.
According to the new wording of Article 112 of the Disciplinary Code, the RFEF has published on its website, in the National League Championship accumulating five yellow cards remains determinant of the suspension for one game.
Cup of the King set, but nevertheless, what “the accumulation of three of those corrections during the same season and competition determine the suspension for one game”.
However, “to the end of the third tie, They shall automatically terminate existing warnings cycles of all participants, starting a new shift for all participants in the knockout phase”.
Following completion of the one-match ban, “It start a new cycle of the same class and with identical effects”.
The new cycle of three cards apply, in addition to the Cup King, Cup Real Federation Spanish Football, the second phase or rise of Second Division League, Second Division B and Third Division, Champions Cup Juvenile Division of Honor, Spain Youth Championship / Cup S.M. King of Spain and the Championship / Cup S.M. the Queen.
On the other hand, Disciplinary Code maintains the added one-match ban for players who cause the fifth yellow in order to meet the cycle of warnings league, in addition to the meeting already scheduled for these cases.
“The football player during the match cause the fifth admonition does merit this Article, It may be sanctioned, in addition to the penalty provided (…), with an additional game suspension and fine of accessory 600 euros”, says the rule.
To determine the “intention” footballer, “They will take into account circumstances such as the nature of the rule Infringed game, the attitude of the player during the match, etc. For this purpose, the referee of the match will be able to record that circumstance Arbitration minutes”.

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