Jeremie Janot, another goalkeeper superhero

Jeremie Janot, another goalkeeper superhero

In the world of football it has always said that goalkeepers are crazy. A statement that knowing more than one that has happened and is still going through the history of football, It does not seem free. We talked you here in Colgados, the goalkeeper Jorge Campos-forward discrete little outfits and overcoat Pablo Aurrecochea, the goalkeeper superhero, a man whose shirts will not leave anyone indifferent. As well, Today we want to tell you about another goalkeeper quirky, other outfits in love with the superheroic. A guy who does not like to go unnoticed, Jeremie Janot French.

The goalkeeper born in 1977, He passed 16 years defending the goal of Saint-Etienne in particular from 1996 until 2012 and he set a record 1534 unbeaten minutes. We could also mention that this is a short keeper, only of 1,74, very undersized what takes in the position of janitor or the eccentric tattoo on the whole campion yet, the highlight at least so more is remembered is for his penchant for dressing up to play an official match.

A) Yes, we have seen wearing a t-shirt selection Argentina, the mallot Mountain Tour de Francia..e including full Scottish St. Patrick's Day but the most striking was when he turned to leave the pitch dressed as Spiderman. It was in 2005 an inconsequential match against Istres where all the fish was already sold. He jumped into the field with a Spiderman luggage and put the mask leaving a curious stamp for posterity. Many of his teammates could not help laughing. No doubt a little-known crack.

Jeremie Janot "Spiderman" playing with the Saint-Etienne.
Jeremie Janot “Spiderman” playing with the Saint-Etienne.
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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