The Curse of Cyril Makanaky

The Curse of Cyril Makanaky
Cyril Makanaky, the player who had his own curse. PHOTO: As

Cyril was a peculiar Makanaky Cameroonian player in the late 80's and early 90's which reached its peak during the World Cup in Italy 90. In this World, Cameroon Roger Milla's hand or Tommy N'Kono became one of the sensations of that event and within that team he highlighted Makanaky. But this player starred in more, namely an involuntary curse, being one of the grandes fluffy League and the creator of the term “become a Makanaky”.

He played in Spain in Malaga and Villarreal

Cyril Makanaky He started his career where they do most African footballers, in France, but it was not until Italy 90 when he released. At that time, It was when he came up with their bones to the Spanish League, where he was signed for Malaga, that militated in Second Division at the time.

Makanaky He came as a star, but not triumphed over the field. Malaga went down to Second Division B and Cameroon went to Villarreal where he also went through more pain than glory. But this man had something, something that made him unique, something that made people remember his name.

Creator involuntary expression “become a Makanaky” and his own curse

Gossips say that he was the nightlife of Malaga and he liked to smoke “Makanakis”. further, his move was preceded by Málaga 4 contracts and certain shenanigans. But the most curious of our friend dreadlocks and paints sympathetic villain of the film Marked for Death, del Steven Seagal, it was nothing like that.

Cyril Makanaky, He played in two different stages in the Barcelona of Guayaquil, one of the largest in Ecuador, the first season 1994/95 and the second of 1996/97 and according to account an urban legend, at the end of the second stage, Barcelona de Guayaquil left him to duty 200.000 dollars which made Makanaky curse the club for such failure, we assume that by some spell.

The point is that in the Barcelona of Guayaquil, as always Gossips, They argued the drought of titles for 14 years to Curse of Makanaky. the curse, He broke in 2012 with the conquest of a league title, the first since the Cameroonian footballer had left the club. And that had passed away 15 years.

Own Cyril Makanaky I had to step out of this curse that had assembled around him, ensuring the program Day to day chain Teleamazonas of Ecuador, he had never practiced any rite or spell.

“I never practiced witchcraft, It is irresponsible to think that these things can happen. There is an organization in the club and when leaders do what they should do for the team to go ahead, Lots of things can happen", he said. "It is a joy, I played in Barcelona and always be good news, because a long time ago earned nothing ", culminated Makanaky.

Cyril Makanaky
Makanaky curse was a serious issue for a long time. PHOTO: Teleamazonas
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