The best matches of the first phase of the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The best matches of the first phase of the World Cup in Qatar 2022
Qatar 2022 will bring very interesting matches in its first phase. PHOTO:

In just under two months, specifically the next 20 of November, the ball will start to roll and the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be launched. Definitely, this will be the moment that all football lovers long for.

This World Cup has too many attractions. It will be the first to be played on such unusual dates and it could be the last big event for several of the stars who have dominated this sport in recent times., like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Besides, It should be noted that Qatar 2022 it is postulated as one of the closest and tightest editions in the history of this competition. Proof of this are several of the commitments that will take place, thanks to the capriciousness of the draw, in the first phase of the tournament.

The matches of the first phase of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 más atractivos

Spain – Germany

Framed in Group E, the Spanish team and the German national team are destined to be the two main candidates to win the first position. Therefore, The key will be the direct duel that they will star in the next 27 November at Al Bayt Stadium.

Spain and Germany are two of the great European football powers and have managed to lift the World Cup in recent times. Therefore, with them the show will be served.

Portugal – Uruguay

Another of the great matches that will take place during the first days of competition will be the Portugal-Uruguay 28 of November. Lusos and Charrúas will face each other in a clash that has many ballots to dictate the champion of Group H. It will also have the great incentive of seeing men like Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suárez face to face again.

Croatia – Belgium

There is no doubt that Croatians and Belgians are two of the teams that have played the best football in recent times. However, they have not managed to lift a title, despite the fact that many placed them in the favorite pools.

Therefore, they want Qatar to be the stage that finally elevates them, being the first litmus test that party that will face them from you to you the 1 from December.

Beyond these three clashes, In the first phase, other clashes could also be highlighted, such as England – Wales or Poland. – Argentina.

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