El Marketplace de NFT de Stadioplus

El Marketplace de NFT de Stadioplus

The StadioPlus platform is a marketplace world that offers the possibility of buying, sell or expose those NFTs (o Non-Fungible Token) from anywhere in the world, in a sector with a lot of potential and in which they are having success, such as the world of sports. It is what the digital universe has, that allows interaction regardless of geographical distance and is therefore a huge planet in which there is much to explore.

A successful cocktail

Stadioplus is a platform that also offers the possibility that members who are part of its community have the opportunity to interact with leading figures from the world of sports through selected events both online as offline how can they be a videoconference, a masterclass or the possibility of playing directly with the protagonist of the work. It also includes the novelty of being able to purchase valuable products such as an autographed jersey or tickets to NBA games., among others. One of the founders of this brilliant idea is its current president, Luís Scola, the captain of the Argentine basketball team, who, in addition to having been an Olympic champion, he also came to play himself in the NBA.

And what are the benefits of belonging to the community?

The idea is that the members of this platform feel that they are in a high place with first class material. everything has a level, both the process of buying or selling, like their own tokens and even the possibility of holding these meetings with elite athletes, who in fact personally approve of the token officially licensed with his figure. They have closed agreements with dozens of professional athletes as well as with world-renowned clubs.

And in fact, something that distinguishes this platform is its cryptocurrencies. As payment models this marketplace accepts both credit cards and bank accounts and cryptocurrencies. Another of the co-founders of StadioPlus and who develops his work as CEO, entrepreneur and investor Jon Fatalevich, He is convinced, as is the rest of the team, that both, NFT y metaverso, are the businesses of the future and that their potential is enormous, at least in the world of sport where there is a lot of room for profit in this area. He himself is in the blockchain world since the year 2015 in which he began to be interested in cryptocurrencies.

sell realities

In StadioPlus they launched the NFT platform with technology blockchain no need to start your own cryptocurrency. First they wanted to show the meaning of the project and then take the next steps in a sector that right now presents many possibilities.

The explanation for the triumph is that NFTs allow their traceability and authenticity to be verified, so they are valid both for those who like to have high-level collections and to simply be works of art, digital characters, financial assets and much more. A good example is the fact that it is already a reality that some big events sell their tickets in NFT format because that way counterfeits are prevented and problems with resales.

The great potential of the virtual world

the metaverses, videogames and the virtual world in general attract more and more people interested in transacting digital assets in this environment. NFTs have a future that has only just begun to show. It is true that in Spain it has not yet taken root as much as in other countries, but it is also a reality that the number of those who decide to give their investment a safe destination and bet on NFTs is increasing..

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