Abdon Porte: the martyr of love for his club

Abdon Porte: the martyr of love for his club

This maybe history somehow symbolizes the soccer before, the ideals of the players of yesteryear, and real causes by which they left everything to defend t.

Porte's successful career, drizzled with an ending as unexpected as tragic for montevideanos remains an exceptional dedication and devotion to the club he loves.

Abdon Porte besides being an outstanding player, It was a fervent fan of the National Uruguay and that feeling only him to the club explains the ending I had. A 12 March 1911, He debuted in the National Football Club Uruguay Abdon Porte, defensive midfielder in his then from Columbus Football Club and the now defunct Liberty.

Over time, Porte nicknamed El Indio El Tricolor won, thanks to its unparalleled way to leave everything on the court, looking more like a wrestler than a player, thing that ended up becoming the referent of the set and undisputed captain of the same, with glasses who raised both local and international competitions tournament.

but Porte, also, He was a fighter from before, since I had not understood codes and put kicking egg paste life but to leave his team with height and dignity. Earlier 1918, When the Indian already had 38 years, in view of the season it was about to begin, Commission Directive National called off the starting lineup because they considered no longer what it gave up waiting and replaced by Alfredo Zibecchi, Porte thing that managed not accept and which marked the beginning of an end.

The 4 March of that year, The Tricolor played against Charley and won 3 a 1, in a game in which, beyond what has been decided, Injun played input.

At night, as usual, players and officials gathered at the club to celebrate the victory. Late in the morning of that 5 of March, Porte went alone without anyone noticing it toward the center of the court, He grabbed the gun he was carrying, It was aimed at the heart and fired. I had 38 years and was getting married, the 3 of April. His lifeless body was found by the dog of the canchero of the club, Severino Castillo.

Le insuperable seemed so bright end this cycle, stop being the owner and captain of the National, That's when the decision adopts that culminates in a tragic way, but at the same time marks one of the most formidable chapters that have to do with the romance of football and fundamentally with that stage of amateur football Uruguay lived up 1932, when players became professionals.

It was not die anyway. He was killed in the central park that is the stadium of the National Football Club in the center court, He is having left a letter to the president of the club, The doctor. José María Delgado in which asks you to care for his mother and his girlfriend because he chose to take his own life. Abdon Porte loved his club, more than life itself.

Perhaps he felt he was dead before killing himself, I was living a life of lies and perhaps why would not go on pretending. This is what is known about that night. But that morning the body was found lying on the floor Abdon, with the left side of the bag slightly up, and right hand hidden under his coat.

In his left hand he clutched a paper, which read:
“Dear Doctor and President:
I recommend to my old and my girlfriend. You know why I do this. Long live the National Club!. And below those verses:
You're always ahead
The club longing for us
I give my blood all my classmates,
Now and forever the giant club.
Long live the National Club!”

Abdon Porte history is etched between the fans of Nacional, as a legend.
Abdon Porte history is etched between the fans of Nacional, as a legend.

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