Goalkeepers with more trophies Zamora

Goalkeepers with more trophies Zamora
Víctor Valdés is one of the 3 porteros que tienen el 'Zamora de Oro'. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

¿Who are the goalkeepers who have won the Zamora trophy the most times?? He “Divine” Zamora He was the first great goalkeeper in the history of football back in the early 20th century. The inventor of the “Zamorana” He had such an impact that was one of the media players of his time. Such was the case at the end of the 50 They decided to put their name to the trophy goalkeeping record in the Spanish League.

Until now, only three players have the ‘Golden Zamora‘, a trophy given to goalkeepers who have won 5 Zamora times trophy. We tell you who are all the winners of this trophy.

Who has won the Zamora trophy more times??

bouquets, Victor Valdes and Jan Oblak

Both Barcelona goalkeepers and history of the culé club won up to five times each the Zamora trophy although in the case of Ramallets, three of them were as goalkeeping and the other two already under the name “Zamora Trophy”. one in the 50 twentieth century and the other in the XXI century, They consecrated themselves as the gatekeepers with more individual titles but obviously their defenses also had their share of merit. Jan Oblak, Slovenian goalkeeper for Atlético de Madrid, joined the list of 'Zamora de Oro‘ by conquering too 5 Zamora trophies. 4 followed between the 15-16 and the 18-19 and another in the 20-21.

Juan Acuna, Santi Canizares

Juan Acuña was a Galician goalkeeper who played his entire career at the club of his land. A footballer of those of those before those who passed all their sport life in the same club. It was the best goalkeeper in the early 40. He “Dragon” Cañizares as he baptized Ranieri also took 4 trophies, these if everyone already called Zamora. He shared the first one with Liaño in 1993 and he won the last 11 years later in 2004.

goalkeepers with the most Zamora trophy
Cañizares is one of the Spanish goalkeepers with the most Zamora. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Ricardo Zamora, Gregorio Blasco, José Vicente Train, Salvador Sadurní, Luis Arconada, Juan Carlos Ablanedo and Thibaut Courtois

Until 7 different goalkeepers won 3 Sometimes the trophy at least goleados goalkeeper League, including the same man who gave the name to the trophy although obviously not called so. These two classic soccer 80 it is included 90 as Arconada and Juan Carlos “the cat” Ablanedo. Thibaut Courtois the only one of the 21st century with 3, he won it in two of the three seasons he played for Atlético de Madrid and one for Real Madrid (2020).

Ignacio Eizaguirre, Marcel Domingo, Antonio Betancort, Miguel Reina Santos, Paco Buyo and Francisco Liaño

These 7 Goalkeepers won the trophy twice goalkeeping. Including the legendary Ignacio Eizaguirre, Pepe Reina's father, Miguel and two mythical like Paco Liaño who in 1994 he won with the fewest goals conceded in history and Paco Buyo.

Full list of winners of the Zamora trophy

5 Spanish flag Antoni Ramallets
Spanish flag Victor Valdes
flag of slovenia Jan Oblak
4 Spanish flag Juan Acuna
Spanish flag Santiago Canizares
3 Spanish flag Ricardo Zamora
Spanish flag Gregorio Blasco
Spanish flag José Vicente Train
Spanish flag Salvador Sadurní
Spanish flag Luis Arconada
Spanish flag Juan Carlos Ablanedo
Belgium flag Thibaut Courtois
2 Spanish flag Ignacio Eizaguirre
Flag of France Marcel Domingo
Spanish flag Antonio Betancort
Argentina's flag Jorge D'Alessandro
Spanish flag Miguel Reina Santos
Spanish flag Paco Buyo
Spanish flag Francisco Liano
1 Spanish flag Tomas Zarraonandía
Spanish flag Joaquin Urquiaga
Spanish flag Fernando Tabales
Spanish flag Jose Maria Echevarria
Spanish flag Jose Banon
Spanish flag Raymond Perez Lezama
Spanish flag John Zambidius Velasco
Spanish flag Luis Menendez
Spanish flag Juan Alonso
Spanish flag Gregorio Vergel ‘Goyo’
Spanish flag José Araquistáin
Spanish flag Jose Manuel Pesudo
Spanish flag Andres Zapico Junquera
Spanish flag Jose Angel Iribar
Spanish flag Abelardo Gonzalez
Spanish flag Juan Antonio Deusto
Spanish flag Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Spanish flag Pedro Maria Artola
Spanish flag Jose Luis Fdez. manzanedo
Spanish flag Augustin Rodriguez
Spanish flag Garcia Remon
Spanish flag Rodri
Spanish flag Francisco Javier 'Urruti’
Spanish flag Andoni Zubizarreta
Spanish flag Jose Manuel Ochotorena
Spanish flag Abel Resino
Spanish flag Pedro Jaro
Spanish flag Jose Francisco Molina
Cameroon flag Jacques Songo'o
Spanish flag Toni Jimenez
Argentina's flag Carlos Roa
Argentina's flag Martin Herrera
Argentina's flag Pablo Cavallero
Spanish flag Jose Manuel Pinto
Argentina's flag Robert Abbondanzieri
Spanish flag Iker Casillas
Chile's flag Claudio Bravo
Morocco flag Yassine Bounou
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