Ignacio Eizaguirre and his father morcillas

Ignacio Eizaguirre and his father morcillas
Eizaguirre in an interview as Valencia goalkeeper.

Today Colgados for football, We are traveling back in time, to return to other times. To those times when goalkeepers did not wear gloves and the balls were made of hard leather, of which more than one would break his leg kicking it. We move to the early-mid 20th century, when soccer players were real gentlemen.

Ignacio Eizaguirre used sacks of sand to train
Ignacio Eizaguirre used sandbags to train

And we did not want to ignore the curious story of this goalkeeper, Ignacio Eizaguirre, born in San Sebastián, the 7 November 1920. Son of goalkeeper Agustín Eizaguirre, with 16 years signed by Real Sociedad, but the Civil war made all competitions stop and not resume until the season 1939-40, which was when he debuted with Real Sociedad in the Second Division. He signed for Valencia and was there since 1941 until 1950. There the first curiosity occurred, debuted conceding five goals, which caused him to lose ownership in favor of the other goalkeeper who at that time had Valencia, Pío.

But the curious thing would come in the way in which Eizaguirre was going to regain ownership. Eizaguirre's father had a butcher shop and visited his son in the city of Turia. On one of your visit, brought his son a basket full of products from his butcher shop.

Eizaguirre shared it with his colleagues. One of them, precisely his rival in the goal was eating and caught a glut. This made the starting goalkeeper Pío unable to play due to an indisposition due to indignation..

The blood sausages of Eizaguirre's father had knocked down the main goalkeeper and he would return his son's position, that I would later play during 8 years at Valencia and would become one of the most important goalkeepers in the history of the Valencian entity.

eizaguirre the blood sausages and the sandbags
The curious story of Eizaguirre and his father's blood sausages

He played two games in the World Cup 1950 and after the tournament, returned to the Royal Society, there Eizaguirre would leave another pearl for the anecdotes section. In one of the games he played in the World Cup, conceded a goal with a rare dribble of the ball. Since then he decided that before each game he would take some sandbags from the beach and throw them over the small area of ​​his goal., then I would level it with a rake and water the ground, thus avoiding unexpected bounces of the ball.

Also known for his modern outfits for the time, the last and surprising anecdote where there are, it was when training Osasuna, before the problems that his team was having in the goal, without putting on colorao decided to put himself under the sticks, but he was unlucky and received the same goals as his goalkeepers.

Later in a friendly charity that Valencia made him, was marked with 55 years a monumental little dove, to remind Valencian fans, that he was one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the club.

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