modern football in its purest form: Lorca newly promoted FC put on sale their place in the LFP

modern football in its purest form: Lorca newly promoted FC put on sale their place in the LFP
The Chinese group that owns Lorca FC wants to do business with its new place in the LFP.

These are things that have modern football XXI century, the creation of teams with no history or just fans almost even surpassing based book teams lifelong city shift. A decade ago witnessed the case of Granada 74 who bought the square of another team of these features, the City of Murcia. The issue lasted a year because they lasted only one season in professional football and then declined and never heard from again. Now in 2017 the story is unlikely to be repeated if the subject includes a historic Spanish football.

Hercules is in a delicate situation to learn that Hacienda does not accept his latest offer to unlock your club. This situation leaves the Alicante company in dire straits, almost on the verge of liquidation. One solution studying Hercules, as today unveiled all the Spanish sports press, It is to buy the square of Lorca FC to play next in Second Year, finalize a historic club with almost 96 years of history, debt to your nearby 25 million euros and start as a new team in professional football.

The set Murcia, newly promoted to silver category with David Vidal who decided not to renew, She goes hand Xu Genbao Chinese businessman and his group who have put their place in the LFP for sale for a 9 million euros and according to these same media that drew the news, Hercules has already shown interest in several meetings. In fact, the Alicante club has already consulted with the Federation and the LFP all the paperwork necessary to execute the purchase. It presupposes something not easy for the bad relations between the two entities.

The second is full competence and jurisdiction of the Professional Football League (LFP), but the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) should intervene in the process to authorize the change of a team from a regional federation to another, as in the case of Lorca FC and Hercules Alicante. The conflict between Thebes (LFP) and Villar (RFEF) They would make the first, organizers of professional football, they were not very pleased with this transaction, implying maximum refounding to avoid debt, a situation that also includes the regulation of the LFP. Another historic in distress, recently descended to Second B as Mallorca, You might be interested.

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