Workers know the Cup, the other World

Workers know the Cup, the other World
La Workers Cup, the other World Cup in Qatar. Photo:

Do you know the Workers Cup, You've heard of it?, If the answer is no, you should know that this is a tournament that already has several editions. Mounted by the commission that organizes the World Qatar 2022, the Workers Cup is a competition played by workers and workers who are building stadiums and infrastructure World to be held in Iraq in a few years.

In her, employees play the leading construction firms and home to many nationalities: Pakistani, Indians, Nepalis, srilanqueses, bangladesíes… One requirement for participation is to be in the lower echelons of the organization. It is not a tournament for 'bosses'.

Games are played in stadiums that gives the Qatari League and its parties usually get thousands of followers. This year, the final be played 23 February and opener, as well as the opening act, will take place at Al Duhail, one of the fields of QSL. Last year, the end came to have an input 10.000 viewers. a curious, original and interesting way to try to improve mood and well-being of some workers whose status and rights, They have been even under the UN investigation.

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