The most multiracial European teams (II)

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Continuing with the article we wrote a few days ago (The most multiracial European teams Part I), we present to others 5 European teams in which many players of different races coexist. We will analyze a Balkan country where emigration has helped this fact, two soccer super powers and two Scandinavian countries given to receiving a lot of immigration. In Hanging for Soccer we continue with the list, exactly with the teams that occupy from 6th to 10th place. This list is made with the players named by their respective teams in the year 2013 and so far 2014.


The former Balkan republic, that this year he will debut in a great football event, It is made up of many players who during the bloody war that occurred in these territories last century, their families decided to emigrate to other countries where they were not affected by the military conflict. Most of them were born on Bosnian soil, although they spent most of their childhood in other territories, some even represented other teams in lower categories. In fact, Pjanic played in the lower Luxembourg teams., Begovic in those of Canada, Mujdza in those of Croatia, Medunjanin in the Netherlands, Bicakcic in those of Germany, Susic in Belgium and Hadzic in Austria. Then there are those who did not come to represent other nations but did spend many years in other countries such as: Swiss (Lulic), Serbia (Stevanovic) and Croatia (Ibricic, Sunjic, Sesar and Pandza). Like other national teams there are also players born in other countries such as: Germany (Kolasinac and Misimovic), Swiss (Hajrovic) and Croatia (Spahic).


The inventors of this sport also have a good number of players descended from the colonies that they owned in previous centuries, in addition to benefiting from players from other UK countries. Most are descendants of Caribbean colonies such as: Jamaica (Walcott, Sturridge, Young, Oxlade-Chamberlain y Townsend) Barbados (Gibbs y Cole) and Saint Lucia (Defoe), then there are the descendants of English-speaking African countries like: Ghana (Welbeck) and Nigeria (Barkley). In addition, both Rooney and Caulker descend from other countries of the United Kingdom such as the Republic of Ireland and Scotland respectively.. There are also two other players with curious backgrounds like Jagielka (his grandfather is polish) and Jay Rodríguez (whose father is Galician). Born outside of English territory are Zaha (Ivory Coast) y Sterling (Jamaica)


The Scandinavian country benefits from its good standard of living to host many immigrant families from the five continents, what it has done in recent years that its national team has players from different cultures including its great banner this last decade. Players descended from culturally very different countries are mixed as: Bosnia (Ibrahimovic and Tankovic), Turquía (Durmaz y Iron), Kenya (Martin Olsson), Azerbaiyán (Hamad), Irán (Safari), Kosovo (Faizullah), Serbia (Kacaniklic and Milosevic), Marruecos (Bahoui), Polonia (Levitical) y Ghana (Quaison). They also have players born outside of Swedish territory such as: Zengin (Turquía), mills (Uruguay) y Khalili (United Arab Emirates).


Like its neighbors to the East, in the Nordic country there is a great mix of races in its population. The selection benefits from this mix with many players descended from different countries such as: Kosovo (Berisha), Marruecos (Abdellaoue and Elabdellaoui), Nigeria (Braaten), Francia (De Lanlay), Sierra Leone (Chamber), R.D. Congo (Backbone), Gambia (King), Liberia (Pot bust) and India (Singh). They also have some footballers born in other countries but arrived in Norway during their childhood., as: Tettey (Nigeria), Hangeland (Estados Unidos), Tarik and Mohamed Elyounoussi (Marruecos), Vilsvik (Germany) and Abraham (Somalia).


Despite being in tenth position on this list, the Mannschaft is considered the example as a multiracial selection in this decade. Taking advantage of immigration and the large foreign colonies that inhabit German soil, to highlight the Turkish in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Joachim Löw has formed a team in which a multitude of players from different countries are mixed, tales como: Ghana (Boateng), España (Gómez), Túnez (Khedira), Turquía (Ozil Y Gundogan), Albania (Mustafi), Nigeria (Sam y Aogo), Inglaterra (Hunt) and the Netherlands (Schweinsteiger). Like other national teams, they also have players born in other European countries., as: Polonia (Podolski and Klose), Rusia (Beck) and Ukraine (Neustadter).

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