bold designs for this season in Lugo and León

bold designs for this season in Lugo and León

Not long ago from Colgados for football we made a complete summary of the most gruesome shirts football history. As well, the issue has returned to jump to present information after the presentation of the uniforms of Lugo and Cultural Leonesa for several preseason games. Both teams have innovated and dazzled the world with unseen clothings to date, and is a well tapped cane, pulpito your ration can be enjoyed any day by a man who exudes elegance wearing a tuxedo gala.

To the amazement of all the Lugo of Liga Adelante he has risked a lot with this bold design. Currently only contesting several preseason games with these shirts but surely if they succeed and soar orders could arise in the future become his official dress. Undoubtedly it has had much to do with this idea its main sponsor.

This well-known beer brand has become the first kit of the Galician club in a huge blond cane with its appetizing foam and the second a large tentacle of an octopus appears. It seems simple and touching the absurd but the reality is that you can become a reference for other teams and go past where clubs were often sponsored by companies representing the traditions and typical products of their land. If memory make sure that they recall the cases of Logroñés, Sporting and Valencia,

Tapita cane and octopus promise to war in Lugo.

Without going far from Galicia, and making a nod to a historic team in the Spanish League, we find the new Cultural Leonesa rower. An elegant and formal shirt which surely draws attention of friends and strangers. A tuxedo with white shirt and bow tie until the kit is the use in their triangular leoneses summer. However all stocks have been exhausted.

Interest has been so, which they have received orders to other continents and 1000 which had initially been charged are not enough. The club's board is considering making another batch to the incredible tug and public demand for this brave design.

The fashion world is unpredictable and if we unite with football things can happen so. For some wonderful fusion, for more traditional, a sin against the world of football. They may look horrible, racy or even hallucinatory, but we can safely say that while these colorful shirts have been on the lips of any good fan and have not left anyone indifferent.

Are we going to have wedding or party?.

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