This will be the Super League, a new competition that puts the Champions in ‘check’

This will be the Super League, a new competition that puts the Champions in ‘check’
Real Madrid is one of the teams that make up the Superliga. PHOTO: Real Madrid

The rumors that emerged months ago are confirmed. The Superliga, a new tournament on the European football scene, It has ceased to be an idea to become a true reality. Yesterday, several clubs that will be part of this competition made it public through different communications on their social networks.

Definitely, a project that the rest of the teams did not like at all, institutions and, en especial, a FIFA y UEFA. This latter organism knows that, and at Superliga Get ahead, the actual Champions League would be relegated to a dangerous background.

Who will make up the Superliga?

Several of the most powerful clubs in Europa they have taken a step forward, looking mainly for your financial interests. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Inter de Milan, Juventus, AC Milan, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City y Tottenham are the founders of this initiative to which they intend to add 3 more equipment.

It remains to be known who will be the trio that will accompany this cast of sets that would be fixed in each edition of the Superliga. At first it would have been said that they could be Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund o Paris Saint-Germain. But it seems unlikely, since these entities are not very in favor of leaving behind the current format of offers the Champions.

Regardless of it, The main objective of the founding clubs is that the Superliga is made up of 15 fixed equipment, more others 5 that will access each season based on the sporting merits achieved during the previous campaign.

How will the competition format?

The new one Superliga It will be divided into two groups of 10 equipos cada uno, who will play a kind of initial league in which they will be measured ‘all against all’ (round trip) until complete 18 journeys. All matches will take place on weekdays, surely on Wednesdays, to make it easier for competitors to continue enjoying their respective national leagues.

Posteriorly, the top three finishers in each group would go to the quarterfinals, while the fourth and fifth classified would play their ticket to this final phase in a playoff. From there, the quarters and semifinals would be a double confrontation, while the final would be held as a single match.

When would i start?

The duration of the Superliga would be between the months of August and May. Nevertheless, the exact start date is still unknown, although it is expected to be for the season 2022/23.

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