Federico Gomes Gerth, the adolescent goalkeeper summoned by Argentina

Federico Gomes Gerth, the adolescent goalkeeper summoned by Argentina
This kid is Federico Gomes Gerth, the youth goalkeeper of Tigre who has been summoned by Scaloni for the Argentine absolute. PHOTO: Athletic Club Tiger

¿Quién es Federico Gomes Gerth? This is the question that many people will ask themselves who do not follow Argentine football and see the last announcement of Lionel Scaloni. And it is that if Luis Enrique surprised with the summons of the adolescent Gavi with only 6 matches in the elite, the Argentine coach has scored an even bigger one with the call of this teenage goalkeeper 17 years he played in Tigre. And it is that the boy has not debuted even in the first Argentine.

Federico Gomes Gerth, the adolescent goalkeeper who has not debuted in the elite

The surprise was capitalized when the name of this boy who plays in Tigre came out, an Argentine B team and it is not even a starter, we only train with the first team and play with the lower divisions of the club as his age marks. His only experience was as a substitute in a Copa Libertadores match in 2020 and is that Tigre, thanks to the strange format of Argentine football, was champion in 2019 de la Superliga Cup and at the same time it descended. That's why it was one of those teams that played international competition being in second.

Now his name comes to the fore again with the call for Federico Gomes Gerth, a kid who plays in his youth and who has not even stepped on professional football as such. The kid, He is a fixture for Aimar in the squads of the lower Argentina teams and apparently the reports speak highly of him despite the fact that he still plays with youth.

Apparently the intention of the AFA and Scaloni himself, is to gradually integrate Gerth and other internationals in the lower categories, in the dynamics of the elderly for the future. But it is still a great surprise and for sure, the best day in the so far short sports life of Federico Gomes Gerth.

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