Spain 10 Tahiti 0: pachanga in Maracana

Spain 10 Tahiti 0: pachanga in Maracana

Spain gets him 10 goals to Tahiti in the pachanga held in Maracanã. Fernando Torres and David Villa have had no mercy on the weak team in Tahiti, that more than a selection, is a group of friends.

In a game more typical of training than a competition that aims to be serious like the Confederations Cup, those of Del Bosque with ten news regarding the Uruguay match, They thrashed on foot and a half gas to a group of players to call “amateurs” would be generous.

FIFA should perhaps look at these things because if this group of brave friends and relatives is the champion of Oceania it is that something is not being done well in that part of the world. For Chapeau Tahitians, they do what they can or they know and they can always say that they played against some of the best players in the world.

Roche the friendly doorman of Tahiti
Roche the friendly doorman of Tahiti

The speech to preserve the values ​​of sport is fine and it may seem nice to present Tahiti as that funny and almost heroic team, but the reality is that then the Confederations Cup loses credibility..

The match, for calling it somehow had no history. As little as the plot of a porn movie and sorry for the expression. The best team on the planet against a group of players who do not live from this sport. They gave it all, but its level is far from these needs.

Torres with four goals, Villa with three, Silva with two and Mata with one finished the story. The best of the game, the celebration of the Tahitian goalkeeper after failing to concede the ninth after Torres failed a penalty. Curious at least.

Torres with four goals is angry with Tahiti
Torres with four goals is angry with Tahiti

The joy was not going to last long because Torres himself was going to score in less than a minute after haggling. Congratulations to Tahiti for the merit they have but we will see if FIFA agrees to something like this again.

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