Maracanazos great history

Los grandes maracanazos de la historia
Maracanazos great history

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Not always play at home is an advantage if it comes to a final. There have been many great teams, powerful, full of talented players who have fallen to their audience and their stadium against other weaker groups and those who nobody would have bet before the match. Recall in Colgados for football's most historic football world maracanazos:

1- Brazil 1- Uruguay 2, World Finals 1950: the party that gives this curious phenomenon. 200.000 people in Maracana expecting a win or at least a draw to secure the first World Cup in Brazil. At the end of the first half nothing to foreshadow that the title was going to leave the country. Local expired 1-0 and the party was in the stands with the public wearing of T-shirts made for the occasion champion. However, not to sell the bear's skin before the hunt. Ghiggia marked the 1-2 which it caused the great footballing tragedy of history. There were suicides and thousands of tears. It was so much, Brazil decided to change color, leaving white shirt and replacing the yellow afternoon to forget as nefarious.

Los grandes maracanazos de la historia
Maracanazos great history

2- Real Madrid 1- Deportivo de la Coruña 2, Final Copa del Rey 2003: It was the feast of the 100th anniversary of the white club. Madrid galactic star-studded against a Deportivo that nothing was a bad team but was underestimated. Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Roberto Carlos, It was difficult to escape. But go that got away. Tristan and Sergio Sánchez caused the outbreak half Spain. The other half cried one 6 March 2003. It was the Centenariazo.

3- Bayern 1- Chelsea 1, final Champions 2012: two great teams measured forces after removal of the Madrid and Barcelona respectively. The Germans seemed stronger against Englishmen in decline. In fact, Bayern were better from start to finish, but the lack of marksmanship enabled the Chelsea was alive until the last moment. Thomas Muller adelantó a los locales a falta de 7 minutes, But there was a surprise: el gol 'in extremis' Didier Drogba. The striker himself committing a penalty in extra time, Arjen Robben but failed again at a key moment and Peter Cech guessed her intention. In the penalty penalties, the post, Cech and Drogba got the first Champions for Blues.

4- Portugal 0- Greece 1, Eurocup final 2004: Greece was the Cinderella not only of the party but of the entire championship. However, and he warned of his intentions to win the opening game to Portugal 1-2. Many blamed on nerves start the host. In the end, they again did. There were no excuses, They were the best and were Hellenes. They defended as “gods”.

5- Real Madrid 1- Atlético de Madrid 2, Final Copa del Rey 2013: 46 games without defeat led Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. more budget, best players, Top trainer and a galactic president. I do not care. It was worth more claw, the struggle and the delivery of a team that finally beat his rival 13 years later. The story was repeated as in the 92.

6- Sporting Lisbon 1-CSKA Moscú 3, final de la UEFA 2005: In the season 2004/05, UEFA made a change in competition with group stages and final knockout ended with lusos and Russians in the final. Under this new format, CSKA Moscow stunned Europe battled back 0-1 Home adverse Sporting Lisboa, and win the trophy 3-1 at the Estádio José Alvalade. Lions could not believe: He was slipping in his own fiefdom their first chance to win a European title since lifted the Cup Winners Cup in 1964.

7- Argentina 0- Uruguay 1, final Copa América de 1987: Uruguay and Argentina, nearby neighbors, intimate enemies, and formidable rivals. The Argentinians went to the Copa America with Maradona and the honor of being the reigning world champions. I do not care, in charruas there was one Francescoli and a certain Alzamendi that prevented being champion at home to a team that pined for a new joy.

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